The End of Democracy

Democracy in the United States is being torn apart in front of our very eyes. I have never been a huge fan of Democracy, as it has many flaws and too many loopholes for criminals to become rich disguised as civil servants.  When the orange asshole took the office of president this opened the door for anyone with money and influence to throw their hat into the ring. Over the last year we have heard of a number of celebrities “seriously” considering running for President.  The list includes but is not limited to: Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Kanye West, Chris Rock, Katy Perry, Mark Zuckerberg, Bob Igor, Mark Cuban. It goes without saying that I despise every person on this list. Even if they run as Democrat, I could never vote for any of them because of all of their egos. Not to mention all of their lack of political experience and knowledge.

Today on the news, 25 minutes of every hour was used discussing a potential Oprah for President campaign. Oprah is an actual self-made millionaire, she didn’t use her daddy’s money to create the empire that she created. So that already makes her leaps and bounds better than dumbfuck trump. She was also a victim of sexual assault whereas tiny-dick Donnie brags about committing sexual assault. She really is an antithesis to 45, but that doesn’t make her fit to be president.

The President of the United States of America is not a role for a celebrity. It is the position for someone who wants to make the country it’s very best. A role meant to inspire people to challenge themselves to aim higher than ever before. A role to ensure that every American is entitled to a quality education, affordable healthcare, a livable salary and the ability to dream as big as possible.

The problems of the country can mostly be blamed on Andy Cohen. He puts any piece of crap on TV and then forces it down American throats. His creation of nothing in to “entertainment” has made too many “celebrities” out of nobodies. Then, to keep viewers the news is forced to report on the kardashians and housewives more than international news. Cohen wants to exploit anyone he can to make a dollar. Unfortunatly, the American people have allowed him to do so.

During the election coverage Hillary (Almighty Hillary) was held to the highest standards ever. Dumb Ass Don wasn’t held to any standard. That explains why the US has no standards any longer.

Again, it seems the only solution to stop the antichrist is either 1. Coup d’État or 2. Vote for Me

If you care about your future and the future of your loved ones, the madness must be stopped.


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