End the NRA

I am beyond sad writing this. On 14 February 2018 another school shooting happened in the United States. At the time I am writing this, 17 adults and children are confirmed dead. The school shooting on this day is the 18th to take place in the United States in the first 45 days of the 2018 calendar year. As someone who has seen these terribly tragedies unfold over the years, I know not to expect any sort of change or action to happen. Some politicians will tweet about their thoughts and prayers, which is total bullshit. These asshole senators, congressmen, president and other politicians are not doing a damn thing to stop the gun violence. The reason they wont do anything, is because they are all being paid by gun supporters and the National Riffle Association(NRA).

The NRA are the ones to blame for every gun violent attack in the United States for over 100 years. The NRA will tell you they exist to protect Americans right to the 2nd Amendment. If you are unfamiliar with the 2nd Amendment, read it here:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This Amendment, among a few others, was ratified on 15 December 1791. No, you’re not wrong, it was over 200 years ago. Yes, slavery was still very much legal at this time in the United States, to help put this in to perspective. The people of the NRA and others who hold dearly to the second amendment do not own guns to secure a free state. We have police officers, guards and other dedicated military to secure a free state. These people own guns for a number of reasons: to protect them and their families in case of an intruder or attack on them or their property, to go hunting, for piece of mind, and the most common reason but never discussed is Penis Envy. Both Men & Women have penis envy when it comes to owning a gun. They like to overcompensate with a weapon that can kill instantly because they aren’t able to defend themselves with their words, or actual hand to hand combat.

The NRA has been lobbying since 1975, that means for 43 years now, the NRA has slowly been buying the Republican party and some Democrats as well. They have been making sure that no matter how much gun violence has occurred and no matter how many innocent lives have ben taken, an American can easily get a gun. The NRA doesn’t care if people are killed with guns, they would prefer all Americans have guns to protect themselves. If you don’t think that is the stupidest idea ever, then please tell me what is. Americans are people after all, with tempers, bad days, bad moods, suspicions and some with malicious intent. I understand the pathetic argument they have used that “guns don’t kill people,” but that is bullshit. Guns do kill people. There is no asterisk to this, guns have and will continue to kill people. Guns need to be regulated in this country much tighter than airport security. No American citizen should have a gun in their possession. No matter what. Their spouse, their child, a neighbor or a total stranger can find their gun, wherever it is, and use it.

As far as gun control goes, here is my plan. We take every gun away. Anyone found with a gun will be treated as an enemy of the state. All guns will be locked up in a fortress tighter than area 51. Ammunition will also be locked up in a separate, secure location. Guns can be checked out for hunting, but a strict background check, and mental health screening will be performed 2 months in advance. All guns and firearms will have GPS tracking device implanted in to the guns. Additionally, anyone who checks out the gun will have a GPS tracking device to wear the entire time they have the gun. Police officers and other safety personnel will still be armed, but their screening will take 1 full year before their weapon is checked out to them, and the GPS devices must be working constantly. Those who are authorized must be screened for their mental health every 6 months.

That is it, I am disgusted and saddened that the US Government has done nothing to protect the American people from gun violence. So it now looks like it is up to me to take care of this. I am coming for the NRA. I am going to bring them down and wipe them from history completely. I am going to make sure that any member of the NRA undergoes deep psychological counseling and possible re-education about what being an American means. As the NRA is deep in bed with the GOP, I am going to have to remove most, if not all, of them from office. They too will be forced to undergo re-education about what America means.

If this transition is not done peacefully over the next 10 months, It will be done by force. Yes NRA and GOP, I am warning you, your time is up. The American people will no longer listen to your bullshit, they will no longer accept your “thoughts and prayers for the victims.” We are ready to stand up and fight, and you are not strong enough for the revolution that is coming.

We will take all of the guns away, one year from now on Valentines day!



2 thoughts on “End the NRA

  1. Bravo! Now that is a plan I can get behind. You’ll have to change the constitution of course, but why not? The right to bear arms should be: The right to bear, harms. People do not need weapons to live in peace.

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  2. You are so right! As a mom whose child survived a high school shooting, I applaud you! The NRA being in bed with the government is never going to change gun violence. Travel the world, other countries have gun laws and no gun violence. It’s not rocket science, it’s people caring more about their guns than the lives of innocent children. It is disgusting!

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