America is Broken

The United States of America is broken beyond repair. Government offices and officials are easier to buy than a minor buying beer. Police officers whose sworn duty is to protect and serve are torturing and killing innocent civilians. Flint Michigan will not have proper drinking water for another 2 years, or perhaps longer. The right to own a gun is more important than life. Education cost continue to rise, putting more Americans in debt with limited job availability. Religion in the United States no longer focuses on living a happy life and helping others, it wants you to prove that you’re better and closer to your God than anyone else. The country can not last much longer before it implodes on itself.

Although it would be convenient to blame the dumb-ass Donald J Trump for all of the problems,  the truth is that he is just antagonizing the issues and making them worse. Every word that he says and tweets us a total lie. He is the least sincere person who has ever lived. He hates everyone, except himself, who he falsely glorifies as a god. He was able to buy the office of President, and was held to no standard. The media used this as entertainment for ratings and continued to demonize Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although Hillary is the most qualified person, possibly ever, to be the President of the United States, she was dragged through the mud because she is a smart woman. Not only did men degrade her and her accomplishments, but women did as well. It appears that half of the country does not want to see an intelligent woman succeed. So, instead they chose to drink the kool-aid and welcome the darkest chapter in american politics. 

The racism in the United States has become not only acceptable but highly encouraged. Police Officers are racial profiling, beating, kicking, degrading, shooting and killing Black Americans.  When in the world did it become a regular thing that a cop kills an unarmed black person, and the country doesn’t bat an eyelash. I have never known what it is like to be terrified of the police because of my skin tone. The thing is, nobody should have to be terrified of those whose duty it is to protect them. Every person in Public service should attend mandatory training on cultural sensitivity annually. Just because Fuck face trump is a racist, does not make it ok.

The Flint Michigan water crises has been going on for over two years and the earliest time frame of removing the lead pipes is 2020. Roughly one hundred thousand American citizens do not have access to clean water on Flint Michigan, but the asshole-in-chief trump wants to spend millions on a parade to show how great he is. Flint is not the only place in the country without clean water, and it’s a major issue that should be addressed and fixed right away. 

The selfish, penis-envious National Rifle Association has made it their goal to sacrifice as many innocent americans as possible, mostly children, to gun violence. Representatives like the detestable Dana Loesch go out of their way to sell their souls for a profit and a gun. The United States has the worst gun problem in the world, and every time that a school shooting happens, which feels almost daily, we don’t even get “thoughts and prayers” any longer from the NRA or one of the many politicians that were paid a lot of money from them. The NRA is happy when a school shooting happens because they can boast that if everyone had a gun, the shooter could have been taken out. The NRA is a terrorist organization operating in plain sight. Similar to the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church. Organizations luke these need to be shut down and the members whipped out.

Education in the country is a joke.  Not just at how expensive and useless an undergraduate degree is but starting in elementary school. Students are not being taught the fundamentals, and are not capable to function in a world market. Standardized testing is making sure students know enough to pass the test, but nothing that will help them in their future as a functioning member of society. The focus on sports and athletic abilities are prized far and above intelligence, which proves exactly how the education system is ruined. The country needs education standards that will help shape the students and the future of the country. Since a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for any job above minimum wage, students take out forty thousand dollar loans and will max out credit cards to make sure that by the time they are 25, they will never get out of that hole. 

Religious fanatics are in the same category as the NRA. Religious organizations don’t pay taxes, but have plenty of money to buy off politicians so that sins like homophobia and abortion will remain taboo and disgusting. A country that is supposed to have a “Separation of Church and State” prides itself on being a Christian nation covered with gold crosses. Hypocritical, yes. Anti-christian, yes. These religious fanatics don’t actually care about god, they care about manipulating the public to their own advantage.

The days remaining for The United States of America are limited. The people’s uprising will happen soon. It will be a bloody and devastating time, leaving more than half of the country dead or dying. I have a few ways to immediately help stop the decay and help build anew, but I will need your support. The people of the United States can not stand for this disease to continue to eat away. America is broken, but, we just might be able to fix it.


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