This is not the end.

The end of the world has fascinated me over the years. Eventually our sun will grow to a red giant and if the Earth is lucky enough to survive that, the sun will eventually shrink into a white dwarf and a few trillion years later a black dwarf. So the end is inevitable.

2020 has been a bad year thus far, not the worst of all time, but the ignorant white trash Republicans are making it almost unbearable. It is remarkable how the loss of humanity and civility are so contagious. There are hundreds of thousands of ways that life on earth could be eliminated. A virus is one of the ways.

Other ways include human stupidity such as: global war, global warming, pollution, fracking. Earth based disasters including: supervolcano eruptions, droughts, wildfires. The outerspace threats can be most terrifying, but they also seem to get the job done the fastest. Those threats include: asteroids, black holes, solar flares, gamma-ray bursts, alien attacks. The list can go on and on.

I don’t believe 2020 is the end all year, I mean if Y2K, and 2012 couldn’t do it, what’s so special about 2020? I wish that this pandemic would be a time to teach the world to treat everyone better. Unfortunately, I see the horrible ways people are treating other people, and it leads to little hope for humanity. If the end of civilization is to come, I still hope we will all leave a better impression of humanity.

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