Stop the Coup

Vladimir Lenin tried to overthrow the government in 1905-1907 but failed. He came back & succeeded in 1917.

Adolf Hitler launched the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, failed, then became a dictator in 1933.

When authoritarians launch coups & fail, don’t give them a second chance.

This is most important for the US Government to take a strong stand against Trump and his nazi followers like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. If the flame is not extinguished now, the entire world will burn. All members of the GOP who have supported this dictator in anyway must face sevre consequences. Being complicit is not acceptable in any way.

Ashley Babbitt, the woman who was shot after breaking into the capital, being told she can not enter the chamber, and broke into the chamber deserved what she got. She made poor decisions the entire way, and the world is a better place without her stupidity. She was trying to overthrow the US Government by force, and she failed miserably. There is no reason to mourn this pathetic vile creature. Keep arresting these Trump Terrorists, and make sure they pay.

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