Why #ImWithHer

Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States of America, and this post is all about why I believe she will change the world for the better. I have not been alive long enough to first hand experience all of the incredible work Hillary has accomplished over the years. The first memories of Hillary I have are from her being first woman after Bill won the presidency the first time. Many people liked to focus then on the pant suits she wore and criticized her fashion sense.  although I can be just as critical of fashion, she focused her energy and strength not on justifying her wardrobe but on doing good for the world. She spent years fighting for children, health care, women’s rights, social justice and more. She has never once given in to mediocrity, no matter how challenging her fight was, she fought it through until the end. She has never taken the easy road, because she realizes that it takes a lot to change the world and make it a better place for all.

In 2008 when she was running for President the first time she got screwed. Now, I know I am going to get a lot of people unhappy about what I am about to say, but get over it. It is all incredibly true. Hillary Clinton was screwed over in 2008, big time by Barack Obama and the unintelligent American voters. Even though Hillary Clinton had more experience, knowledge and better credentials to become the president, America saw the chance for a black president and that was more important to them. Some people tell me that she was loosing in the polls because she was unrelatable….First of all, how many of the great presidents can you relate with? Second, she will be the leader of the free world, I don’t want to know where she gets her groceries and what internet site she visits most often. I want someone who has a record and history of making change, not someone who can sing karaoke with me at a bar.  If Americans are so worried about not being able to relate with the President, perhaps someone should explain/teach them what the position entails.

Other problems people bring up are that Barack had more experience(Not at all true), or that he is a better public speaker…Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone on the planet: BARACK OBAMA IS A HORRIBLE PUBLIC SPEAKER. Quit clutching your pearls. It’s true. The dramatic pause should not last for 5 seconds and not happen 10 times in one sentence. In college I had a professor who said what a great public speaker he was. I brought in a video clip of one of his speeches to point out the MANY wrong ways he delivered a speech. So again, no. Hillary was the best nominee, but she got screwed over because Americans wanted a black man as president before a woman…that’s the basic fact. America is still as sexist as possible. Unfortunately, even some women have been brainwashed to believe that women are second class citizens.  We need to better educate the world around us, teach kids that girls and boys are equal, period. No exceptions.

This election has brought out the very worst possible candidate, Donald Trump. Trump is a hypocritical, racist, egotistical, narcissistic, sexist, prejudiced, lying, hateful, conceited, bigot. (Yes, many of these words are from “9 to 5” but sadly are all completely true).

I have never been a patriotic person. From ages 12 until I was 21 I wanted to migrate to the UK, from 21 on I wanted to migrate to France. But I want to encourage every voting age American to please vote for the candidate who will work hard for the American people. Not someone who will do whatever he can to profit for himself and do nothing for anyone else.

Hillary Clinton has been an activist, a lawyer, a law professor, the first lady of Arkansas, the first lady of the United States, a U S Senator from New York and served as Secretary of State. She has literally done it all, and will help make the United States as well as the world a better place for all. That is why IM WITH HER!

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