JT and Me

One night, when I was just 18, I was walking downtown towards one of the 18+ bars in Austin. I was in the mood to go out, however, the rest of my friends were all happily coupled off and didn't like to go out as much. As I was walking down the street I was stopped… Continue reading JT and Me

The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

I moved to NYC in July of 2011, only knowing one person there who actually lived in NJ and another friend from Boston, but worked in Manhattan quite often. The friend from NJ, Miguel, introduced me to his group of rather tame friends and we all hung out together pretty regularly. As much fun as that group… Continue reading The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

Fire Island Pines, Ablaze

Fire Island has always been a magical and enchanting retreat for me(and hundreds of thousands of others as well). An island where you can go lay on the beach, without having to worry about children running, screaming, annoying you. This island is a party, 24/7 with free-flowing cocktails, exciting circuit parties, amazing friends & orgasmic orgies (literally).  There… Continue reading Fire Island Pines, Ablaze