Fire Island Pines, Ablaze

Fire Island has always been a magical and enchanting retreat for me(and hundreds of thousands of others as well). An island where you can go lay on the beach, without having to worry about children running, screaming, annoying you. This island is a party, 24/7 with free-flowing cocktails, exciting circuit parties, amazing friends & orgasmic orgies (literally).  There really is no way to describe the electricity, and decadence of fire island in words.

On the night of May 4th 2015, a particularly early time of the season to be on the island, I swung by the pizza restaurant and then headed upstairs to the bar and grabbed a few cocktails. There I met a few guys who all wanted to walk the three-quarter of a mile trek to the Cherry Grove section on Fire Island and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. I was skeptical that it would even be showing because the main/only motel at Cherry Grove had burnt down just a few weeks before, and knew that their tourist turnout would be lower. But one of my new friends, David, assured me that he had called ahead and that the bar would be open and would be showing the show.

The four of us started making our way down the boardwalk(these are the only sidewalks on fire island), and finally made our way to the MeatRack. The MeatRack is the small wooded area of the beach that divides the Fire Island Pines and the Cherry Grove sections. This area is very popular for random sex/hook ups. As we ventured deep in to the trees, we saw a couple approach from another path walking in our direction. These two tall handsome guys walked with us, George & Jason, and the four of us were all quite excited to have these two sexy men wanting to join us watch the show. Ten minutes later we were finally at the bar, downing shots and sipping cocktails, eagerly awaiting the show to begin. Jason to my left and George to my right, the three of us were chatting up a storm and we were all eyeing each other more than the show. Thirty minutes into the show, 2 of the guys I met at the bar earlier in the evening had both gone. David, who had been texting on his iPhone the entire time, looked up 10 minutes later and said that he was ready to get back. The three of us who were engaging in conversation/flirting, all looked back and forth and decided it was time to go too.  Watching RPDR outside of a busy gay bar, filled with drag queens, buy one get one cocktail specials and shot boys is really quite pointless.

As the 4 of us all made our way back, George said that he wanted my number, so I gave it to him, and to Jason who pulled his phone out as well. They said that they might have an after party later. Finally back in the heart of the pines, I said goodnight to David and made my way home to shower before the after party. Jason texted me about 30 minutes later and gave me the address of the house where he was staying. I put on my favorite black and white jockstrap, some short running shorts and a tank top then walked towards his place. The Pines can be a dark jungle at night-time, especially at the beginning of the season, when it’s very limited people on the island. I made my way up the hill to his house number and they let me in. This was a gorgeous 3 story house with 11 bedrooms, a swimming pool and rooftop deck. The guys were making tequila shots when I walked in, and handed me three before I could say hello. The liquor flowed for another 10 minutes before I had to take a break, so I asked for a tour of the house. Along the way, I learned that Jason was friends of the owners of the house, and was asked to go out early and clean it up for the upcoming season. George was his date that he met back in Manhattan. Sadly, since they had just arrived that day, the pool wasn’t open yet, and I really wanted to go swimming, but luckily, the rooftop patio was open for us to go and look at the magnificent views.

As the three of us climbed the stairs, the calm & cool ocean breeze gently kissed our bodies encouraging us to stare in the direction of the black ocean none of us could see. As we stood there, our bodies huddled together, Jason lit a cigarette to fight the cold. I wanted to get some point of reference, so I began slowly turning and trying to make sense of the location. Looking towards the bay, in the distance, near the main boardwalk-way, I saw a flickering light. The orange light danced and seemed to be growing more bright. I grabbed the guys attention and asked them what that was. Neither seemed to know and I asked if they thought it was a fire. The guys said, it could be, and I said we needed to call the fire department. Unfortunately, both Jason & George did not want to call because they were both too drunk and didn’t want to get in trouble. I too was quite inebriated, however I knew that I couldn’t get charged with public intoxication since I was at a home, and the laws on Fire Island are much looser than anywhere else.

I grabbed my cell phone and noticed it was already 2:50am. “I hope I don’t wake anyone up” I thought to myself as I dialed 9-1-1. I alerted the dispatch agent that there was a growing large orange glow near the boardwalk intersections, and I haven’t seen anyone in that direction moving around yet, so it could be a fire. The agent took my information, and when she asked for my physical address, it was like pulling teeth to get Jason to give me the information.  Finally, I got the information needed, and the agent said she might call me back for more information if necessary.

The three of us went back downstairs to fight the chill, and had a few more cocktails. We had a fabulous rest of the night, completely forgetting about the fire and calling the police.

I woke up at 7:45am and quietly snuck out of bed, put on my clothes and headed out the front door. As I walked down the hill, I noticed a crowd of 7 people with fire houses and a few police officers. One woman wearing a fire department t-shirt was standing in front of the walkway, blocking my path. I said excuse me, trying to glimpse at what had happened. She turned around and asked me if I knew anything about what happened. I then informed her that I was the one who called 9-1-1 the night before. She called over her chief without saying a word to me, he came over and asked me if that was true. I went on to retell him what I saw the night before, and he then took off his glove and shook my hand. He informed me that it was a house on fire, probably faulty wiring, and that the owner was inside asleep. He told me that nobody else had called about the fire, and that if I hadn’t called, the owner could have been killed, and more property damage could have happened.

By 3pm I had gotten phone calls from the Fire Department, the Fire Marshall and the Arson Investigator. I had to retell my brief story over and over, and each time, I was told that I was a Hero. (Not gonna lie, my ego was pretty big at this point). In all reality, I was just happy that nobody was hurt, and that I was able to help.

If I learned one thing from all of this, it’s that you should never say no to a threesome, you could save someone’s life.




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