Birthday Month

I love April! It’s such an amazing month, and one of the most exciting events of the years happens…My Birthday. Yes April 29th is my birthday, and this year I am turning 32. Getting older has never been an issue for me, I’ve always looked forward to it. I feel I have lived a most exciting life, and each year brings new people, new adventures and loads of fun.

What all is in store for the new year? I’m looking into purchasing a bed & breakfast in Paris (hopefully before the end of summer), seeing Bette Midler in “Hello Dolly,” more Fire Island shenanigans, hopefully I can get the adoption process started too. No matter what happens, its going to be an amazing year.

Now, the question that I know everyone is asking: Kevin, what can we get you to celebrate your birthday??? My answer is, of course: your friendship is all I could ever ask for. But seriously, below is my list.

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