Religious Hypocrisy

There are so many examples of religious hypocrisy that it’s really making me upset and nauseous. I understand that most religious people are good people and want to help others. The problem is that many of the “leaders” of these religious groups manipulate their audience and followers to their personal advantage. This is nothing new to the world of religion, since the third century Christians have been able to pay for the sins committed to ensure they would get in to heaven. As this indulgence grew over the years, sinners could pay for their sins before they were even committed. It’s disgusting. I am an optimistic guy who likes to believe the best in people, so that is why I like to think most religious people are religious so that they can do good in this world.

The reason I am writing this blog now is because I recently saw a TV commercial. The commercial is for the organization international fellowship of christians and jews asking the viewers to donate $25 to send a box of food to poor people in Israel waiting in food lines. Here they show what looks like a war-torn country in the middle east, with older people standing in line looking pathetic and then walking out with a box in their hands and a smile on their face. The rabbi goes on to say that with each box of food the recipient will also get a note that is a blessing for them and ensuring that the united states stands strong with isreal. At this point I already have a few problems. Although I have never been to Israel, I don’t believe for a minute that the people there are suffering as much as those trying to survive in terrorist states, or even the large number of homeless people in the united states.

The rabbi provides vague information to the viewer implying that the donation is needed right away. He wants to ensure that the blessing being sent is one of the most necessary parts of the donation. Do the people of Israel really need a blessing by americans? I sincerely hope their life isn’t depending on it, or they could be in serious trouble. The united states stands with isreal, every GOP wants to point that out, but when push comes top shove the GOP doesn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and how they can make money. So now this commercial has turned into a GOP support pledge. If we don’t donate then we don’t stand behind Israel.

Thinking deeper on the commercial I get even more upset so I decide to investigate the realities of this organization. The rabbi in the commercial is Yechiel Eckstein, who is also the founder of the IFCJ which is a non-profit organization. As far as public records go, the organization has raised over 100 million dollars a year since 2012, at least. The rabbi who is the founder and the same man from the commercial is Yechiel Eckstein. His salary from 2015 was $909,636.  That’s right, just shy of 1 million dollars a year. Can someone please tell me how and why a rabbi needs over $900,000 salary per year? His salary alone could buy over thirty-six thousand boxes of food. How does someone who is a rabbi, have the audacity to pretend to care for others when he takes home that much money a year? (here is their 2015 tax document: International-Fellowship-of-Christians-Jews-Inc-2015-Form-990). Is this “holy person” giving his annual income to the poor, setting up homeless shelters, giving scholarships to financially disadvantaged children… no. He has a private jet, a mansion, a summer home, 2 luxury cars, a personal driver, a household staff, a yacht and homes in three different countries.

In Corpus Christi, Texas Pastor Richard Milby from Abundant Life Fellowship Church has been fighting for two years to get a giant cross built. Not just a few feet or stories, but a cross 230 feet tall, 95 feet wide equaling 22 stories.  This cross won’t be the biggest in the world however, that ‘honor” belongs to Madrid, Spain. The cross won’t be able to be entered, so not like the statue of liberty, but the platform it will be on can hold up to 400 people, so get your cameras ready. Their will also be a statue of john the baptist, a water feature and a baptism pool. The best part about all of this is that it only cost $2.5 million dollars to make. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? 2.5 million dollars for a cross that does not benefit one person who needs help. This cross will not provide shelter to the homeless, food for the hungry, medication for the sick. No, this cross is being made for one egotistical man who want to have the largest cross in the country. He isn’t paying for the cross himself, oh no, he’s relying on donations from the public to have it built. It is because of bullshit like this that I tend to hate the christian faith. If you are a person who donates money to this, you should read your bible again and see what that silly second commandment is all about. Good news is that as of this post, they have only raised $75. Oh and by the way, Corpus Christi gets hits by hurricanes and lots of storms, so as soon as I get a picture of the $2.5 million dollar trash floating in the gulf of Mexico, I’ll try not to say I told you so. (but no promises)

Last of my rant comes down to the religious supporters of the orange jackass in the whitehouse or maro lago.  He has never done one thing to help another person in his life, unless it was in a way to benefit him. This piece of trash has broken all 10 of those commandments multiple times over. Let’s go down the list of those 10, just to be clear:

1. No other God = He considers himself god

2. Don’t take Lord’s name in vein = He does this multiple times daily

3. Sabbath, keep it holy = Yeah right

4. Honor parents = He would rather sell them

5. Don’t kill = How many conflicts has this dirt started


7. Don’t steal = How many workers have not been paid for their work?

8. Don’t lie = Every time he speaks

9. Don’t Covet others = again, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Does it say anything about coveting your own daughter??

10. Don’t covet goods = Oh my sides are hurting

donald j trump is no christian, he values nothing but himself and money. If you have supported him in anyway, you are ok with his immoral and illegal acts. If your god thinks any of his actions are “ok” than your god does not exist.

There really are way too many examples to discuss, but it hurts my heart to keep going. I truly believe that religion is meant to help others. Donating money, and time to those in need, lending a helping hand. I am very sad to see how many religious leaders can manipulate peoples faith to their own selfish will. I hope that others will see the many errors and start standing up to it. If you are a religious person, you should be more upset than I am. I don’t know all the details of what the Anti-Christ looks like, but I would bet dollars to donuts the current president fits the description. All of the televangelist and other religious leaders who are making more money than they should are using the population to for their own agenda, not for their faith.



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