Guns Kill.

06 September 1901, President William McKinley was in Buffalo, New York shaking hands with people when he was shot twice in the abdomen. He died eight days later on 14 September. President McKinley was the third president to be assassinated, following Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and James A. Garfield in 1881. After the assassination of President William McKinley, Congress informally requested that the Secret Service provide presidential protection. A year later, the Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for presidential protection.

The President of the United States has Secret Service Protection until the end of their life. Most, if not all, Americans know that the President has armed guards surrounding him everywhere he goes. Even though this is common knowledge, it has not deterred people with guns from taking shots at, hurting and sometimes, killing the President. Below are a few examples of President that have been shot at since the early 1900’s, please note that this list does not include all of them:

Theodore Roosevelt

  • October 14, 1912: Three and a half years after he left office, Roosevelt was running for President as a member of the Progressive Party. While campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, John Flammang Schrank, a saloon-keeper from New York who had been stalking him for weeks, shot Roosevelt once in the chest with a .38-caliber Colt Police Positive Special revolver. The 50-page text of his campaign speech titled “Progressive Cause Greater Than Any Individual”, folded over twice in Roosevelt’s breast pocket and a metal glasses case slowed the bullet, saving his life.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • On February 15, 1933, in Miami, Florida, Giuseppe Zangara fired five shots at Roosevelt, seventeen days before Roosevelt’s first presidential inauguration. Although Zangara did not wound the President-elect, he did kill Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak and wounded five other people. Zangara was found guilty of murder and was executed on March 20, 1933. It has never been determined who was Zangara’s target, and most assumed at first that he had been shooting at the President.

John F. Kennedy

  • December 11, 1960: While vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida, President-elect John F. Kennedy was threatened by Richard Paul Pavlick, a 73-year-old former postal worker driven by hatred of Catholics. Pavlick intended to crash his dynamite-laden 1950 Buick into Kennedy’s vehicle, but he changed his mind after seeing Kennedy’s wife and daughter bid him goodbye. Pavlick was arrested three days later by the Secret Service after being stopped for a driving violation; police found the dynamite in his car and arrested him. On January 27, 1961, Pavlick was committed to the United States Public Health Service mental hospital in Springfield, Missouri, then was indicted for threatening Kennedy’s life seven weeks later. Charges against Pavlick were dropped on December 2, 1963, ten days after Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. Judge Emett Clay Choate  ruled that Pavlick was unable to distinguish between right and wrong in his actions, but kept him in the mental hospital. The federal government also dropped charges in August 1964, and Pavlick was eventually released from the New Hampshire State Mental Hospital on December 13, 1966.

Ronald Reagan

  • On March 30, 1981, as Ronald Reaganreturned to his limousine after speaking at the Washington Hilton hotel, he and three others were shot by John Hinckley, Jr.Reagan was struck by a single bullet that broke a rib, punctured a lung, and caused serious internal bleeding, but he recovered quickly.
Besides Reagan, White House Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, and police officer Thomas Delahanty were also wounded.

Bill Clinton

  • October 29, 1994: Francisco Martin Duran fired at least 29 shots with a semi-automatic rifle at the White House from a fence overlooking the north lawn, thinking that Clinton was among the men in dark suits standing there (Clinton was inside). Three tourists, Harry Rakosky, Ken Davis and Robert Haines tackled Duran before he could injure anyone. Found with a suicide note in his pocket, Duran was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

I know more about public education in America than the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Teacher’s salaries are pathetic, they are not given the supplies to do their job, their classrooms are becoming overly crowded and they are not allowed to discipline their students. What idiot in the United States government decided that instead of actually helping the messed up education system in the country and tackling the gun laws and the assholes at the NRA, decided that we should just make sure teachers have guns in classrooms??? Armed Police officers across the United States are shot and sometimes killed by guns. People, are shot with their own guns in their own homes.

If anyone thinks that teachers having guns in the classrooms would prevent active shooters in schools across the United States, I would like to remind you that we have had Presidents shot while surrounded by some of the best trained armed guards in the history of the world. Guns in the hands of teachers are not going to prevent gun violence in schools. The US needs to create real gun laws and get rid of the vague and senseless 2nd amendment. The NRA is a national terrorist organization, Dana Loesch is a Terrorist. Any questions?




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