Holding Out for a Hero

Bonnie Tyler’s infamous song, Holding Out for a Hero, was released on 13 April 1984. What started in the iconic tractor scene from the film Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon (swoon), has become a staple for any good time sensitive action scene in films and also a torch song for the gay community.

Tyler’s version in the film Who’s Harry Crumb? is a classic as Harry and Nikki are on the Tarmac driving the Stairs Truck at full speed towards the plane to catch Annie Potts, Outstanding!

When Shrek 2 was released who thought it could get any better than having Jennifer Saunders as the Fairy God Mother. But then it did. As Shrek and the gang race towards the castle to save Fiona, The Fairy God Mother sings this delightful song to Prince Charming and Fiona while they’re dancing. It’s energetic and a perfect build up to the climax.

If I could sing a bit I would love to record this song, either using non specific gender pronouns, or female pronouns and dedicated it to my Hero, Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, watch and enjoy.

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