How to tie a Bow Tie

Bow tie, Nœud papillon, Krawatte, Cravatta a farfalla, ちょうネクタイ, 나비 넥타이, Slaufa, Thắt nơ, หูกระต่าย, Papion… a bow tie is a necktie in the form of a bow or a knot with two loops.

I am continually asked how I tie my bow ties. Many people express frustration they have felt attempting to tie one themselves and because of that frustration have simple abandoned the journey. To tie a bow tie is no more challenging than tying a neck tie, it simply takes practice. I have attached a few options to help one learn how to properly tie a bow tie. Please see the diagram or the video below. Being able to tie your own bow tie will expand your accessories, and improve ensemble choices. I beg of you though to please heed my warning, once you can tie a bow tie, going back to those pre-tied ties will never suffice. 

Ok, so here are my directions:
1. Arrange bow tie around the neck leaving one side longer than the other.
2. Cross the long side over the shorter side and loop under the shorter side.
3. Tighten the knot around the neck.
4. Take the short part and place on the neck mimicking the bow tie.
5. Take the longer part and lay the narrow strip of fabric on top of the shorter part.
6. Pinch both wings on the shorter bow together in the front.
7. While holding the shorter bow pinched together, slide the longer piece into the loop created in the back.
8. Align the bow tie to desired style.

If you are really having troubles learning to tie a bow tie, I am happy to skype or have an in person tutorial. (Additional charges will apply)

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