Moving to Hell’s Kitchen

After spending the last year living on the Upper West Side, near Lincoln Center. I have been lucky enough to find an apartment that is bigger than my previous place, in a much better location, has a proper kitchen and for the same amount I was paying.

My previous apartment on West 63rd told me they would be increasing my rent by $200 per month if I decided to renew. I know this is New York city and I should expect to be screwed as much as possible, but this apartment building and management are real criminals. Over the previous 10 months I had to deal with the elevator breaking repeatedly and being shut down for days without any notice. The hot water was off for 5 consecutive days, again with no communication from management, dead rats in the basement laundry room, and the building allowing parties to go all night long keeping the nearby buildings awake. They tried to overcharge me my last months rent, as well as tried to sneak around the legalities of the lease that they created. I don’t like scumbags, so I was happy as ever to be leaving this place.

I moved from 63rd and 11th(West End) to 47th and 9th. 16 blocks and 2 avenues doesn’t seem so far of a walk, but lugging suitcases, backpacks, and side bags full of books and other belongings is one heck of a workout. I finally got the move done and could not be happier, the building has a beautiful view of Times Square, a lovely large living room and kitchen, decent sized bedroom and bathroom. The neighbors are all gay men, and every bar and restaurant is right outside my door. I am very happy to be here and hope that this beautiful apartment will be a happy home for me.

Now, it’ll take me months to unpack and make this place feel settled.


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