My Family Tree

Being a student of history, I have always wanted to trace back my family line to discover more about where I come from. I have been able to trace my last name “Gavit” all the way back to 1440 when the name was “Gavey.” Below is a crude sort of family tree I am working on. I hope to be able to give it more oomph as time goes by.

Guillaume Gavey
born. 1440
died. 1471

Guillaume Gavey
born. 1470
died. 1531

Guillaume Gavey (♥Married to Clemence Dervault)
born. 1500
died. 1560

Guillaume “William” Gavey (♥Married to Guillemine Bertram)
born. 1 July 1547
died. 11 September 1581

Benjamin Gavey (♥Married to Esther Chevalier)
born. 15 March 1572
died. 17 April 1647

Martin Gavey (♥Married to Elizabeth Macken)
born. 7 October 1621 (St Saviors Isle, Jersey)
died. 25 September 1661

Philip Gavitt (♥Married to Hannah Macchone)
born. 1651 (St Saviors Isle, Jersey)
died. 1714 (Rhode Island, USA)

Ezekiel Gavitt (♥Married to Hannah Wilcox)
born. 25 December 1683
died. 1754

Ezekiel Gavitt (♥Married to Amey Babcock)
born. 18 October 1710
died. May 1808

William Gavitt (♥Married to Anna Crary)
born. 11 November 1737
died. 1767

William Gavitt (♥Married to Sarah Babcock)
[Freemason & Served in the war for American Independence at age 15]
born. 2 April 1766 (Westerly, RI)
died. 6 January 1854 (Granville, OH)

William B. Gavit (♥Married to Nancy Caroline Lackey)
born. 1820
died. 1844 or 1845

James Washington Gavit (♥Married to Nancy Gilbert Pace in 1885, Brown Co, TX)
born. 1843 or 1844 (Marion Co, IL)
died. 1932 (Llano Co, TX)

James Henry Gavit (♥Married to Laura Buchanan)
born. 1887 or 1888

Harvey Willard Gavit (♥Married to Lorene Merkel)
born. 1918
died. 2001

Dad (♥Married to Mom)
born.2 April 1953

Kevin Nicholas Gavit (That’s Me)
born. 29 April 1985

wm gavit

4 thoughts on “My Family Tree

  1. Kevin Gavit, my name is Rodger Gavit and your grandfather Harvey was my dad (Vernon Gavit’s)oldest brother.I am the middle child of Vernon, i live in Eucha ,Ok. You’re dad must be Raymond who i only got to be around a little bit.I also knew Helen, Patsey, Harvey Jimmy ,Debbie,Lynda and you’re mother Lorene. No more than i was around Raymond i really liked him.I could tell you a cool story about Uncle Harvey! I really thought alot of him.


    1. Hello Rodger,
      Yes, I am Ray’s 3rd child. When uncle Harvey passed away it was a great loss for us all. We all really cared for him so much. My father and Aunt Helen are both available on Facebook, and we would love to hear any stories you have to tell.


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