My Family Tree

Being a student of history, I have always wanted to trace back my family line to discover more about where I come from. I have been able to trace my last name “Gavit” all the way back to 1440 when the name was “Gavey.” Below is a crude sort of family tree I am working on. I hope to be able to give it more oomph as time goes by.

Guillaume Gavey
born. 1440
died. 1471

Guillaume Gavey
born. 1470
died. 1531

Guillaume Gavey (♥Married to Clemence Dervault)
born. 1500
died. 1560

Guillaume “William” Gavey (♥Married to Guillemine Bertram)
born. 1 July 1547
died. 11 September 1581

Benjamin Gavey (♥Married to Esther Chevalier)
born. 15 March 1572
died. 17 April 1647

Martin Gavey (♥Married to Elizabeth Macken)
born. 7 October 1621 (St Saviors Isle, Jersey)
died. 25 September 1661

Philip Gavitt (♥Married to Hannah Macchone)
born. 1651 (St Saviors Isle, Jersey)
died. 1714 (Rhode Island, USA)

Ezekiel Gavitt (♥Married to Hannah Wilcox)
born. 25 December 1683
died. 1754

Ezekiel Gavitt (♥Married to Amey Babcock)
born. 18 October 1710
died. May 1808

William Gavitt (♥Married to Anna Crary)
born. 11 November 1737
died. 1767

William Gavitt (♥Married to Sarah Babcock)
[Freemason & Served in the war for American Independence at age 15]
born. 2 April 1766 (Westerly, RI)
died. 6 January 1854 (Granville, OH)

William B. Gavit (♥Married to Nancy Caroline Lackey)
born. 1820
died. 1844 or 1845

James Washington Gavit (♥Married to Nancy Gilbert Pace in 1885, Brown Co, TX)
born. 1843 or 1844 (Marion Co, IL)
died. 1932 (Llano Co, TX)

James Henry Gavit (♥Married to Laura Buchanan)
born. 1887 or 1888

Harvey Willard Gavit (♥Married to Lorene Merkel)
born. 1918
died. 2001

Dad (♥Married to Mom)
born.2 April 1953

Kevin Nicholas Gavit (That’s Me)
born. 29 April 1985

wm gavit

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