The Ties that bind me

Over the Holiday break, I was at my boyfriend’s place enjoying the festivities and we went to one of his friends to ring in the new year. His friends (J & S) are a couple of great guys, and very sweet to me. When we arrived to their place, J told me to “Hold On” in his deep southern accent, as I stood next to the bar. He comes back out carrying a beautiful wine tote, and told me to “open it up.” I pull out a beautiful bottle of delectable champagne and wrapped around the bottle a few times is a gorgeous bow tie. J & S then explain to me how they both tried, in vanity, to tie the bow tie properly around the bottle, but it was not working for them. S, who has just recently graduated from college, continued on that he doesn’t even know how to tie a regular neck tie and requires J to assist him.

From this lovely gift, a larger more universal conundrum arouse in me. It is not a straight forward question however, it’s more of a question that leads to more questions. I do apologize as I try to put my brain down in print form. *Tying a tie is simple, there are the easy knots and then a few difficult knots, those are:

Four-In-Hand Knot
Half Windsor Knot
Full Windsor Knot
Nicky Knot
Bow-Tie Knot
Kelvin Knot
Oriental Knot
Pratt Knot
St Andrew Knot
Balthus Knot
Hanover Knot
Plattsburgh Knot
Grantchester Knot
Victoria Knot
Cafe Knot
Eldredge Knot
Trinity Knot
Christensen Knot

I am sure I’m forgetting a few, but that’ll do for now. How do most people learn to tie a tie? is it from their parents? siblings? friends? do they scour the internet over and over for the perfect knot? do they buy the pre-tied ties so that wont even be an issue? why would they choose something pre-tied when they always look so fake? As you can see, if I pull a string it all unravels.

My collection of ties (both neck and bow) borders on the edge of obsessive hoarder, I have been called the Imelda Marcos of Bow-Ties (By my dad), and it’s true, with over 600 bow-ties and 400 neck ties, I might have a problem, but that is my cross to bear. In all honesty, most of the ties have been given to me by family, friends, loved ones and well wishers. It is not as though I spent my entire inheritence on ties, in all reality, I probably have only purchased 20 ties for myself my entire life.

I hope that anyone who wears a tie, does it with confidence. The tie is not the star of the show, but just a part of the ensemble that makes you the star. I joke around with friends and close company that I cannot respect anyone who wears a pre-tied tie, as it shows that they don’t care and they want credit for something they didn’t achieve. Let me make this clear, I do feel that way 100%, however, ties are not for everyone. Some people get uncomfortable wearing them, others have jobs that do not require them to be worn. It is no longer the 1950’s where everyone put more of an effort in to their daily lives. The world has become dominated by the jeans and t-shirt amalgamation.

I hope that everyone, will embrace learning something new and taking pride in their appearance and themselves.

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