NYCGMC Big Gay Sing 2017

The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus Big Gay Sing ‘Welcome to New York’ with special guest Coro Gay Ciudad de México!

This year the Big Gay Sing was extra special as the NYC crew welcomed the Mexico City guys to join them, and….WOW! It was INCREDIBLE. So many standing ovations, this group owned the room. Their talent is only matched by their enthusiasm and passion. Even if you do not speak one word of spanish, you cannot help but be moved to tears by the songs these gentlemen perform so eloquently. Along with the songs, Horacio Mendoza Navarrete, the Director of the group, delivers such a moving speech on how important the work that we all do to fight hate and discrimination is to ourselves and our future. He ends with “Viva Mexico, Viva Nuevo York!” Bringing the audience to their feet for 2 minutes of uninterrupted, thunderous applause.

This show inspired every person in the audience as well as on stage to not build walls but to collaborate for something better. This is the show that everyone needed to help heal. Along with the fabulous singing, choreography and stunning drag numbers, so much heart and sole went in to this show. Ms. Ermine Muff is the perfect MC any show could ever ask for. Ryan Scoble directing his 2nd BGS has proven how incredibly talented he is and why he is perfect at pulling off such an amazing feat. Thank you to everyone who participated. This show will stay with me for years to come. Plus I got to personally assist 37 dashing Latin men 😉❤

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