Winter Holiday 2017 & Kristina’s Wedding

This is the tale of my latest adventure. My entire family spent a long weekend in the mountains at Breckenridge and then the big event, My Sister Kristina’s Wedding.

A late season blizzard was supposed to take New York city by storm on Tuesday March 14. The day before that many businesses were telling their employees to work from home to avoid congestion on the road. The subway system was stopping all trains on above ground lines  beginning at 4 a.m. quickly cutting off the outer boroughs from the mainland (AKA Manhattan). I was nervous because most of the airlines had already cancelled their flights for Tuesday. As my flight was scheduled for Wednesday, I was somewhat terrified. Luckily the blizzard was nothing more than a few inches of snow. Although it did build up a bit, all flights scheduled on Wednesday were set to depart as scheduled. I attempted to call a cab on Tuesday, hoping to book it for the following early morning, but the dispatch operator told me to call back in the morning, as they were not taking any reservations. I woke up at 4AM on Wednesday morning and called the cab company. I told him I wanted to be picked up at 5 and he told me to call when I was ready and he would see if there was anyone who could take me. Nervously I jumped in the shower and got ready, then called the cab company back, this time he told me that there were no working cabbies and that I should try calling again at 6am, as there might be someone available then.

ARRGH! So I grabbed my suitcase and headed for the N train. Walking the block and a half to the train station wasn’t bad, nor was lugging my 45 pound suitcase of the stairs to the subway. I transferred to the bus and made it to LaGuardia within an hour. Lucky me. The First Class ride was heavenly, delicious food and drink, excellent service in a peaceful setting.

The first 3 nights, my entire family was staying at a house in Breckenridge. A beautiful house in the mountains, we went snow shoeing, snow tubing, hiking, had snowball fights, made sad little snowmen, relaxed in the hot tub…it was amazing. In attendance was My Dad, Kamara, Kristina & Clayton, Myself & Miler, Kyle & Jeff, Victoria & Kevin and their two girls Olivia and Sophia. On the last night Peter & Megan joined us. Peter is Clayton’s Best Man and Megan is his ex girlfriend who got close with both Clayton and Kristina. This was a great vacation that we all needed before my sister’s big day. I was excited because I got to rock out my new skiwear. A beautiful rainbow one piece ski suit, lovely blue ski pants, a furry hat, gloves, new snow boots…it was a great occasion to buy new outfits. (With plenty of photos below).

After the Breckenridge getaway, we all returned back towards Denver. My sister and the girls were staying at her house, the rest of us went back to the hotel in Golden near the Boettcher Mansion, where the wedding would be taking place. Clayton’s family had all gotten in the night before and they were party animals. These people had beer and wine set up in the lobby of the hotel every night, sitting around bullshitting each other and hanging out. . Saturday we had the Wedding Rehearsal that went off without a hitch. The big day was on Sunday, and I went back to the hotel to make sure I got plenty of beauty rest.

Sunday we arrived at the venue at 3PM and we stayed through 11PM. The wedding ceremony went amazing, if I do say so myself. Kristina looked gorgeous. She and Clayton seemed to really enjoy the event, which made everyone happy. The dinner afterwards was delicious, with a Queso bar, plenty of beer and wine, grilled chicken, asparagus and for desert, wedding cake and a smores bar. Kamara, my other sister(the maid of honor), gave a beautiful toast, and left a few people in tears. Peter as well gave a beautiful tribute to Clayton and Kristina. I received many praises for my work marrying the two, and also for my cake topper. Many people suggested that I quit my work and just make cake toppers for a living. Kristina asked specifically for a Spice Girl song to be played so when Wannabe came on, I was at the bar but threw down my drink and ran to the dance floor to sing and dance with Kristina. All in all it was the most incredible wedding I have ever been to.

Below are the photos to view of the entire week:

First dance as Husband and Wife ❤

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Part II

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Part I

Dad and Kristina doing the Macarena!

Dad and Kristina doing the Twist!

Father Daughter Dance ❤

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