Remembering my Mom

01 March 2017, today marks 22 years since the world lost My Mother. Keri Marie Kruse Gavit was an incredible person, full of creativity, compassion, love, strength, courage…the list goes on for quite a while. Every year, on this day, I make it a point to remember all of the special memories I have of her. I also wear bright pink in my outfit this day, so anytime someone comments on it, I can talk to them about Breast Cancer and how I am helping to ens the disease. I was incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Loosing my mom to breast cancer was a tragedy, and I am sorry that it is still affecting people all over the world. I hope that everyone will take this life lesson of mine to donate time, money, resources …basically anything to help prevent and eventually find a cure for this horrible disease. My Mom is always with me, I love her very much and miss her everyday.

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