May 2017

The month of May has been a long and bumpy ride…and there are still 9 days left. Macron becoming the President, NYC AIDS Walk fundraising, got a cold, saw Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, The NYC Gay Mens Chorus show, the APICHA Gala, Walter’s birthday, trying Dragon Fruit, Urban Bear, the NYC AIDS Walk and numerous after parties…I’m sure I’m missing a few things, but I’m spent.

I celebrated Macron winning the presidency with a few friends in the West Village, over a few crates of champagne. No crazy Nazis  (like le pen) shall gain control ever again. Hopefully

I prostituted myself on social media to reach my fundraising goal for the NYC AIDS Walk (which I achieved, Thank you fabulous friends!). It isn’t prostituting if I’m doing it for charity.

At work, we had our yearly Gala that was a total blast. The work that our agency dies continues to inspire me, and when you get to work with such amazing people, it’s never really work.

For Walter’s birthday we all went to a delicious Japanese restaurant in Bryant Park. So yummy, but all of the entrees were meat like steak or chicken.

Silas and I went to dinner at a delicious Malaysian restaurant  (the Indian pancake was phenomenal) and afterwards I bought 2 Dragon Fruits. I devoured them both over the next few days…its a big ass fruit, kind of a giant kiwi, but such beautiful colors.

I had a horrible cold that I caught on a Tuesday and kept up with me through the weekend. I took 2 Nyquils one night and I was in a daze the following day at the office, what’s even more peculiar is that during the night I got up to pee, and apparently fell asleep while standing up and peeing. Luckily, I balanced myself against the wall, and I didn’t pee on the floor.

Billy and I went to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, she too was suffering from a cold, so I could relate. Although it was fun, I need shows with more dialogue.

I found a beautiful 11 bed/ 11 bath bed and breakfast, with a dining room for 90, gourmet kitchen and an owners cottage for sale in central France for a ridiculously inexpensive price tag. I had to spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons, and sadly decided against the purchase, as I would prefer a place closer to Paris.

The New York City Gay Mens Chorus show “I See Fire: Anthems for a new era” brought The talented London Gay Mens Chorus to town and the fellas KILLED IT! The ending number, Fuck You by Lily Allen, with their brilliant fan work was a highlight of the year. The after parties that ensued were fun events, but im forbidden from discussing details. The one thing I can state is that the Strawberry Basil martini, hit the spot.

The New York City AIDS Walk was a blast, I was able to reach my goal, and as a star walker got to enjoy some of the VIP treatment. They raised over 45 million dollars, and I am proud that I was able to help with that. During the actual walk Zachary Quinto was walking behind my co-worker and I and it was so awkward because he photobomed a selfie we were taking. Then on the subway ride back to times square, he was following us again…I might have to alert the authorities.

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