All Alone

When I walk the streets of Paris at night, it is rare to pass another person. I really enjoy the feeling of being alone walking in this magnificent city. I sometimes wonder what would happen if everyone disappeared one day and I were actually all alone.

If I were to wake up tomorrow and discover that everybody else were gone, I would have a mixture of emotions. First of all, I would be terribly sad that I would never see my family and friends again. I would also be sad that I would never get to have the family that I always wanted. I would also feel nervous, wondering what the hell happened to everyone and why am I still here. After these initial feelings I would start to try to enjoy myself. Moving in to the Louvre would be the first task on my list, I would use Versailles as my summer home. I would then go shopping, stocking up on groceries, water and clothes. Then, I would set up a farm in the Jardin des Tuileries. Nothing too fancy, mostly chickens and pigs. Once that was established, I would need to go to the library and find a few medical journals, French to English dictionary, and as many how to guide as possible. I would need to set up a system to purify water. And, if I really am alone, need to find a way to create energy. Maybe a few donkeys and a turnstile. I would want to try to set up music speakers around the outside of the palace so that I can blast my favorite songs while strolling the streets.

Being all alone would get terribly boring after a while,  but if animals are still alive, I would definitely start talking to them. If animals are not around, I would be sad to be alone, but even more sad to be a forced vegetarian.  I don’t think I would resort to talking to mannequins, because that would creep me out. I would have to make sure I have tv and movie screens set up playing my favorite tv shows and movies. I would be able to talk to the tv and eventually join in the conversation with the characters. As I usually travel alone, I don’t think I would be affected too much from the loneliness. I can’t guarantee anything though, I might go crazy in the first year.

Insulin would be one if the toughest items for me. If I don’t have it, I could die within days. So I would obviously raid every pharmacie and hospital around. Unfortunately, the shelf life of insulin is not long. In all reality, even if I hoard all the insulin in the western hemisphere, most of it would expire in 1 year. Hence my necessity for the medical journals. I would have to try to find out how insulin is made and then learn how to make it. Luckily for me, Paris has a hospital dedicated to Diabetes research and that would be where I would spend a majority of my time.

Once I established my home base in Paris, I would then want to travel and see all of Europe. I have no idea how to operate a train, but I would have fun trying. If the train wouldn’t work out, I would then revert to using bicycles. It would be magnificent to travel by bike around the continent. See all of the major cities and attractions. I would still take a ton of photos, even though nobody would see them, I would enjoy the memories. After a while I would be brave enough to man a boat and try going overseas. Can you drive a yacht like a car? I sure hope so. My arms are pretty ripped, but I don’t think I have the determination to row across the Atlantic.

Being all alone would be sad, I’m sure I would go in to a depression, but I would just have to find away to keep challenging myself and keep me focused on not being alone. Gardening would be a major chore for me, trying to keep nature from taking over too quickly. Once I’ve established that my basic needs will be taken care of (e.g. water, food, insulin) I would then start learning new things. Yoga would be fun, learning to sculpt would be really cool. I would like to learn other languages, but if I had nobody to talk with, it would be useless. I would still write blog post mostly to help keep my sanity. I would also alter any evidence of 2017, and make sure that Hillary Clinton goes in to history as the greatest president the United States ever had.

It would be a lonely existence, but I think it would be quite enjoyable. I would be able to try out so many things after being able to ensure my own health and safety. I hope something like this never happens, but if it does, I think I would be ok. I would still walk the streets of Paris at night, enjoying the serenity of it all.

Bonne nuit!



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