The states

I have been back in the states now for 3 weeks and it’s making me go crazy. On the outside I am well put together and calm. On the inside, I am tormented and quietly suffering. I love being with my family, I really do. We all went up to Denver to spend Xmas with Kristina & Clayton in their beautiful house. We had a lot of fun and got to witness a white Christmas. That might not mean a lot to most of you, but for a family of Texans, it was a very big deal. We all had a blast.

Now I am back at my father’s house in Hutto, Texas and I’m beginning to go crazy. I miss so much about Paris already. The history, culture, sights, exhibits…so much to see and do and enjoy. Being able to spend a day leisurely walking along the Seine, stopping in a café for an espresso or two, reading a book in the Jardin du Luxemburg…I miss it all so much. I don’t plan to be in Texas for too long, but even for the short time that I am here, I know exactly why I have always wanted to leave. Now that I have found my paradise in this world, I seek nothing else but to return to it and enjoy its beauty.

The states have so many problems, the current psychopath in charge being the most terrifying. Watching the news or reading the papers only magnifies the number of problems that he and the GOP are creating and profiteering from. I truly don’t understand how intelligent people in the states can continue to stand by and watch this train wreck. Some people I know say that he will be impeached soon, others think that he will resign, others just sit and complain without knowing what to do. The sad facts are that he wont be impeached, he wont resign and too many of the complainers will continue to complain without ever taking up against the oppressors. That is how the states have become stuck in their current environment. I would be happy to lead a coup and overthrow the government, but sadly, too many others don’t have the backbone to stand up for what they believe in. They also might have too much to lose. I hope that something big will happen so that the people of the states will stand up and stop getting screwed over, time and time again. If you are tired of this bullshit, read my blog with my platform, and start getting involved.

I miss Paris, my home, my love. It’s more that just a beautiful city, it’s a place of mind. I hope that I can keep my sanity while in the states, so that I can one day return to the city I adore.

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