Kevin Nicholas Gavit for PRESIDENT

I, Kevin Nicholas Gavit, have decided to run for President of the United States of America. Since the beginning things have gone wrong, and I have decided that I must step up into action and correct all of the mistakes. Originally I wanted my father to run for President, because he is a smart, thoughtful, inventive and caring person who could easily fix the problems of the country. Unfortunately, even after all of my pleading, he still refuses. My father has always said, and it is true that there is no honest person working in the government. I am going to make that a false statement. I do not intend to baby the people of America, but I will help adjust the tracks so that everyone in the country can move forward. To do this, I will have to make decisions for everyone unilaterally. Below details my platform and strategic ways I intend to help the USA become a better place for all.

Here are my detailed actions for these top issues:
Crime & Punishment
Domestic Terrorism
Equal Pay
Government Reform

Military Spending
The Second Amendment

Crime & Punishment  Beginning day one, if you rape someone, you will be castrated. If you rob someone, your hands will be cut off. If you kill someone, you will be publicly humiliated before being slowly tortured and killed. The stocks will return on day one of my Presidency. A jail sentence is obviously not scaring people enough to not commit crimes, and as our prisons are already overcrowded, I suggest we bring back stocks or pillories, to humiliate the criminals. Some might consider this cruel and unusual punishment, but they are wrong. What is cruel and unusual is that a rapist can walk free and continue raping. That a murderer can serve a few years in jail and then go on with their life. No longer. The United States will be taking a stronger hand against criminals and will be making public examples of them to show other citizens that if you can not act as a civilized person, you will not be allowed to live in a civilized world. Along with the stock, I also suggest bringing back public hangings, guillotines, the rack, quartering amongst other methods to ensure that criminals think twice before acting.

Domestic Terrorism  Any group that attempts to frighten or terrorize a person or groups of people will be tried as Domestic Terrorist. This list will begin with but not limited to the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Gangs, the Westboro Baptist Church. Any and all members of these groups will be arrested and will undergo deep psychological treatment for 12 months. Should a member resist arrest they will be tried as a domestic terrorist.

Education Within one year of my term in Office, all residents across the 50 United States and outlying territories will be provided free education. The government is going to be putting a lot more money into education. This is a necessity if we want to ensure the people of the US are receiving the best education and the greatest possibilities to succeed in life.

Primary School will run on a year round basis of the 45-15 plan. That is where the students go to school for 45 days and then have 3 weeks break. This method has proved useful with helping students retain knowledge. The students will still be attending 180 days of class, but will not have such an extended summer break. Education will begin with Pre-K for all residents. We are then going to use techniques that have proven useful in other countries such as Finland. There are no mandated standardized tests in Finland, apart from one exam at the end of students’ senior year in high school. There are no rankings, no comparisons or competition between students, schools or regions. Finland’s schools are publicly funded. The people in the government agencies running them, from national officials to local authorities, are educators, not business people, military leaders or career politicians. Every school has the same national goals and draws from the same pool of university-trained educators. The result is that a Finnish child has a good shot at getting the same quality education no matter whether he or she lives in a rural village or a university town. We will use these practices along with others such as making a second language mandatory beginning in elementary school, making sure that girls get as much time and experience as boys in science classes, mandatory sexual health classes and more designated classes in high school to help students decide how they want their education to proceed. During High school students will also get one week each quarter to volunteer and help give back to their communities.

Free college tuition will be available to all residents. This will be done by networking all community colleges together into one larger governmental piece. Money will be spent to modernize and sustain each campus, build new campuses in cities where there are none and streamline the higher education institution. Students will be able to receive a Bachelors, Masters and PhD from this system. Each student will meet with guidance counselors every 6 months to ensure they are on the right track for completing their degree. They will also meet with career counselors who will prepare the students for life after graduation. One week every quarter, the students will be required to do community service to help strengthen their own communities.

Energy For too long now, citizens of the United States have relied too heavily upon fossil fuels and our planet is paying the price. Within the first year of my presidency, we will reduce our reliance of fossil fuels by 80%. The following year we will eliminate it completely. Now, coal miners are wondering, what about them and their jobs. Let me tell you that your jobs are no longer useful or beneficial. You will be trained in a new field and work hard as you always have. I want American scientist to challenge themselves and bring forward fresh ideas on how America can become more sustainable. We will be using Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Tidal, and more types of innovative energy. We want to eliminate the amount of toxins that we put in to the air, and I am charging all scientist to think outside of the box on how to better our energy consumption and the world.

Equal Pay  Beginning immediately, any woman working the same job as a man will be paid the same salary as a man. That’s it. No more will women be treated or regarded as second class citizens. Along with that, People of color who do the same job as a white person will receive the same salary as the white person. Racial and Gender injustice in this country have to come to an end and it is my strong hope that these actions will help move that struggle forward.

Government Reform From this point forward, the President, along with every member of Congress and the Senate will be paid minimum wage. They will not be able to receive any additional income, and will not be allowed to have private meetings with 3rd party interest groups. They will also not be allowed to vote for an increase in salary. The American public is the employer of these branches and only the people can decide if they deserve more money. The Electoral College will be disbanded immediately, and each & every vote across the country will be counted to decide who will be going in to office.

Legislative: No gifts will be allowed to be given to or received by a member of the House or Senate. Meetings with Lobbyist will now be done with meetings of a minimum of 10 members, equally divided between the parties in office. Should a third party become a member of congress and/or the senate, at least 1 of the seats of this meeting will be specified for this third party. If any serving member has a job, company or any source of financial income outside of their role as a civil servant, they must relinquish and forfeit all connections with said source before they begin their term.

Government Shut Downs will no longer be possible. Members of Congress and the Senate will work a 40 hour work week. With the exception of 12 public holidays, 5 sick days and 2 weeks vacation per year. The government must always be running and if someone is committed to doing the best for the American people, these members will work as hard as every American does.

Executive: The President of the United States of America will receive no gifts during their term. Any gift that is given to the White house or the President will be given to the people of the United States. The President will not have any income source or belong to any group while in term. If the President has a business or other source of income, they will have to relinquish and forfeit all connections with said source until the end of their term. If they are on a board or participate in any group activities, they will cease at the beginning of their announcement to run for Presidency, and will be allowed to rejoin 1 year after their final term.

The President will work 40 to 60 hours per week, with the exception of 12 public holidays, 5 sick days and 2 weeks vacation per year. If the President is to travel, it will be for business only. Anytime the President is travelling it will be to represent the people of the United States and will be to help better our country and our relationships with other world leaders.

Healthcare Within the first 6 months of my Presidency, Universal Healthcare will begin. There will be no hoops to jump through, no high cost deductibles and no mismanagement. Every person who is a citizen of the United States can make an appointment with any doctor, go in to any hospital and get the medical attention they require. Any medical procedure deemed unnecessary will be paid in full by the patient. There will be a 24/7 hotline anyone can call to get answers to any and all questions they might have. There will also be a website set up with a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page to help ease any worry. Drug manufacturers will no longer be allowed to charge an exorbitant price for medications. If a manufacturer wants to sell medication in the United States, the medication must be sold for the exact cost that it requires to produce, and no more. Americans are paying the most for their health, but are not living any longer or healthier lives.

Immigration Beginning in 2022 Immigration in the United States is going to become smarter for the citizens of the United states as well as those seeking to move to the United States. Some United States citizens will claim, quite erroneously that illegal aliens are stealing their jobs.  This is absolutely not true. This blame is caused by unemployment, fear and the want to place blame. In the new United States of America, education is going to be improved, many new jobs are going to be created & sustained and a new welcoming approach is going to be taken to those who are looking to better their lives and the lives of their families.

A new program will also be created to help expand the knowledge and cultural understandings of the people of the United States. This program will work with governments of other countries to allow a Work Exchange, similar to Student Exchange programs. This program will allow the United States to become more global, learning about other countries and allowing people from those countries to come and learn more about the United States. Moving into the future is going to require the entire world working together as a team to help fix many problems and help our knowledge and technology thrive.

Military Spending The military spending has gotten out of control, and the worst part is that there are many families of military members who are struggling to get by. There will be a complete overhaul and wrangling in of military spending. No longer will millions of dollars be spent on unnecessary equipment and machines.

Religion Beginning on 15 April 2021 All religious practices, institutions and organizations will pay taxes. Taxes will be paid for the land, on any money donated to the organization and any holdings the organization might have. No religious organization will be allowed to deny entrance to anyone who wishes to join them. No religion will be allowed to spread messages of hate or bias against any groups. Those that do, will be tried and sentenced to punishment for crimes against humanity. The United States government is supposed to be and will be separate from all religion. There will be no religious lobbyist, no religious advisors and no direct communication from religious authority to any member of the Legislative or Executive branch. Should a member of one of these groups require therapy or guidance, a government authorized therapist and counselor will be available to them. Any mention of religion on government holdings will be removed, including but not limited to “In God We Trust.” No government official will be allowed to discuss or display their religious affiliation in any way.

The Second Amendment  I am coming for your guns. The Second Amendment will be removed from the constitution and replaced with a new amendment to ensure that private citizens will no longer be able to buy, own, sell or poses firearms of any kind. If you rely on hunting, you will be allowed to check out a gun, as you would check out a book from a library. You and the gun will both be tagged with GPS location trackers and should you attempt to remove or tinker with the tracking device or not return the gun at the designated time, you will be tried as an Enemy of the State. If you have a collection of guns already, you will be paid to hand them over to the government controlled Firearm Dispensary. If you are a registered gun owner and do not turn over your firearms, or if you are caught with firearms after 01 June 2021, you will be tried as an Enemy of the State.

The National Rifle Association will be allowed to continue meeting, with a governmental figure present at all times. There will be no exceptions to this law, whatsoever. There have been too many mass shootings, school shootings and other acts of gun violence across the country to pretend that there is any easy way to control gun violence. The only option available is to restrict all use of firearms. That is what I will do. If you are concerned with personal protection, self defense classes will be established across the country for everyone who wishes to learn.

Taxes The entire taxation system of the United States of America is in desperate need of a change. The changes are going to help ensure that nobody must pay what they cannot pay. Along with religious groups now being forced to pay taxes, American citizens will now have Flat Rate Personal Taxes.

If you make $50,000 per year or less, you will have a tax rate of 8%.
If you make Between $50,001 and $100,000 per year, you will have a tax rate of 10%
If you make between $100,001 and $150,000 per year, you will have a tax rate of 15%
If your salary exceeds $150,000 per year, you will have a tax rate of 18%
If your salary exceeds $200,000 per year, you will have a tax rate of 20%

Other issues that will be addressed are: Native American rights and giving them back their land. Helping the homeless: those who can find work, those who are not mentally able are to be placed in a mental institution for better care. Better infrastructure across the country, including but not limited to national high-speed trains, better roads and bridges. Sexual Harassment and stopping it. Ensuring clean water is available to every citizen. Government spending. And many more to come.

A lot of my ideas involve the Federal Government taking more control. That is what’s happening. For too long there has been a tug of war between not enough government presence and too much of it. Starting on my first day there is going to be a shift in dynamics, the US Government is actually going to be working for the every day US citizen. No longer will lobbyist, politicians or military members lead your path in the wrong direction. We are going to create a United States as it should be, filled with intelligent, happy and healthy human beings who are productive and useful to society. This change will be a shock for many people, and I am sure that I will get opposition on everything I try, but if the country continues to run as it is, it will self destruct within a matter of years. I am going to work hard, and fight harder to make sure that the United States will be the American Dream.

cropped-cropped-wallimage.jpgI am Kevin Nicholas Gavit and I approve this message.



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