The Spice Girls

If you have known me for longer than an hour you know that I am an avid(bordering rabid) Spice Girl fan. I know every song they have ever sung, as a group and as solo artist. I also know every dance they perform for every song, and will dance it no matter where I am when it does come on. Having sold over 85 million records worldwide, they are The Best Selling Female Group of all time.

In July of 1996, I was working as a busboy at a local pizza restaurant. One day on the radio, the DJ introduced a new group from England, called the Spice Girls. Wannabe filled the air, and the obsession began. A few weeks later, MTV had a music video of Wannabe and I knew how fabulous these Spice Girls really were.

I started by buying their album Spice, and all of the singles that I could get my hands on. By the time their second album Spice World came out in 1997, I had collected more Spice Girl memorabilia than I knew what to do with. But that was still before the greatest thing ever.

Spice World the Movie was released in the US on Friday 23 January 1998. I was in middle school, my science class to be exact when my dad got me and my best friend Brad out of school early so that we could go to the movie theater and watch it. I loved it! The jokes, the music, the celebrity cameos. I have watched that movie over a thousand times and it never gets old. Ask my poor friends who have come to one of my anniversary parties of its release, or to celebrate Ginger Spice’s birthday. (You’ve all been great to humor me so!)

After the movie came out, my collection continued to grow. For a while I was collecting ever music magazine and news paper article that mentioned them at all. But, that was just too much, so I only saved magazines where they were on the cover.

My collection includes, but is not limited to:
All 5 Spice Girls dolls, unopened
All 5 Spice Girls On Tour dolls, unopened
Chupa Chups Suckers
Polaroid Camera
Coffee Mugs
Pepsi Cans
Videos & DVDs
Albums & Singles

School supplies
Signed photos
etc etc.

Ginger Spice has always been my favorite, so my collection of her solo stuff exceeds this list. I was sad when I wasn’t able to see all 5 of them together in 1998. Luckily their reunion tour in 2008 was a blast for me, read about it here. I truly have enjoyed the Spice Girls. I’m torn about them doing another reunion tour: if they do and their popularity goes up, my collection might be worth something. But come on, how many reunion tours can a group that had 3 albums really do? If they don’t, I will always have my great memories, and won’t have to worry about them getting messed up.

Today marks the 20th anniversary since Spice World the movie was released in the states. For a young gay boy living in a small country town in Texas, the Spice Girls were a necessary escape for me. Their creativity and enthusiasm has greatly influenced me and my outlook on life.



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