Continued Search

The search continues for a business in France, more specifically in Paris, that I can operate and become fabulously wealthy. Ok, so I am overly optimistic, if it pays the bills, I’ll be more than satisfied. (Read my previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6) Searching in the winter can be somewhat disappointing, as people get more grouchy in the winter and don’t enjoy the extreme weather the way I do. Also, bad weather can easily show the hidden issues you wouldn’t normally see, such as a leaky roof, poor or no insulation, etc. I however, will not be defeated by a season or lack of options. Finding an income property is difficult and not easy to do, but if you dedicate yourself to the hours of searching, you will be overly satisfied with the rewards.

Here are a few properties that have caught my eye, if you have any thoughts or input, please comment below.

First on our list is a retail clothing shop located in the 9th arrondissement. It has a decent amount of space at 33 meters squared (around 355 square feet). The question is, do I want to run a clothing shop? I suppose I could sell homemade bow-ties and jockstraps…that’s a combination you don’t see too often. I would have to get live models for the windows though, and I’m sure they’ll want tips at the very least.
Sale Price is 81,000 EUR
Rent is 1,365 EUR

Next is a commercial space also in the 9th arrondissement. This space is 60 meters squared (645 Square feet), and has a cellar of an additional 15 meters squared. The space was a real-estate office before, so it really is a blank canvas for me. Maybe I could turn it into a boutique café, or a start an escort service, and this could be my Pimp Pad. So much to think about.
Price is 88,000 EUR
Rent is unavailable

Next on the list we travel tot he left bank to a commercial shop in the 5th arrondissement. This shop is located in a fantastic neighborhood, with plenty of other shopping around it. It has a total space of 86 meters squared (925 square feet). The space has been used as a telephone franchise business, and could be rented out similarly in the future. The rent is extremely high on this property, so it would need to be able to start making money immediately.
Sale Price is 90,000 EUR
Rent is 3,200 EUR

Next is a bar in the 20th arrondissement. The bar has an area of 120 meters squared (1291 square feet). It already has a BAR RESTAURANT LICENCE IV, so it is legal to sell food and alcohol. The bar is currently open from 5PM to 2AM. Although I think I would enjoy owning and operating a bar very much, I would need to get a lot more data about this property. I have always wanted to run a gay version of Cheers, but the 20th is so far removed from the Marais, I would need a real draw to bring the homos over.
Sale Price is 150,000 EUR
Rent is 2,150 EUR
(photo not available)

Last on the list is a Stationary and Tobacco shop located in Versailles. 70 meters squared (753 square feet) with beautiful windows. It’s currently being run as a music shop, which could be cool to expand upon. Versailles is close enough to Paris for me to be happy there, and just a step closer to me taking ownership of the palace and ruling the world. So, I can check that box off my list.
Sale Price is 97,200 EUR
Rent is 21,851 EUR


All of these properties are interesting and could all provide a proper income, unfortunately not one of them offer a living quarter, so that means on top of the rent and mortgage, I would also have to rent and/or buy an apartment too. Something that will take a lot more thought.

This absolute last property doesn’t really count as it isn’t in Paris, or France, it’s actually in England. It is a Book Shop with a three bedroom apartment located above. The bookshop has been open and run by the same owner for the past 12 years, but is selling because of family reasons. It’s in its second year of a ten year lease. All stock is included in the asking price, and the shop is located in a popular coastal resort town in East Hampshire. I do love books, and owning a bookshop would be fun for me. I know that book shops in Paris are incredibly popular. Every time I went in one, they were loaded with customers. I think Europeans enjoy reading actual books more than e-readers and not reading(like Americans). Plus I could put in an espresso machine, and do nothing but drink espresso and read…and sell books.
Sale Price is 60,000 GBP
Sales Revenue is 135,000 GBP
Rent is 18,600 GBP(annually)

This search is not going to be concluded anytime soon. Sadly, out of these 6 options the book store in the UK is highest on the list. That’s good though, this will keep me motivated to continue searching for the perfect place.

Wishing you all the very best,
Kevin N Gavit



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