The Bow Tie Collection of KNG (part 1)

My collection of bow ties has been growing for more than 10 years now. To this day, I have amassed a total of 787 bow ties. Obviously when I fake my own death in the future, because I discover immortality, I will be leaving my bow tie collection to the Smithsonian. I hope by then that my collection will consist of more than 5,000 beautiful bow ties. I would love to become the Ms. Frizzle of Bow Ties. If any of you have seen the original series of The Magic School Bus, Ms. Frizzle is voiced by the amazingly talented Lily Tomlin. In the series, Ms. Frizzle is always wearing a dress and sometimes hats and ear rings that are thematic of the events of that episode. E.G. when they go in to outer space she is wearing Saturn shaped earrings and a dress with stars and planets on it. It is my desire to have a bow tie for every occasion.

To date, I have purchased 6 bow ties. No, I didn’t steal the rest or make them myself. A large portion have been gifts given to me by so many amazing friends and family members. I love wearing bow ties, no real reason why, I just do. I have started the daunting task of photographing my collection, and as much as I would like to believe I can do that in a few days….it’s probably going to take a few months. So this is part 1 of probably 500…that or I’ll just keep adding more photos to this one post.




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