French House Hunting 06

Over the last 2 weeks I have seen about 15 different properties. Some of these properties have been quite magnificent, beautiful interiors, acres of land, close proximity to train stations and cities. Travelling across France looking at properties scattered across the countryside has kept surprising me in many different ways. Listed below are a few of the highlights of which I have discovered the last couple of weeks.

This is a 6 bedroom 19th century chateau in the Normandy region. It does require some updating, but is habitable as is. The bedrooms have a mixture of wallpaper and off color schemes. Although it has 6 ready bedrooms now, there are an additional 12 bedrooms available, once properly renovated.  The bathrooms have large amounts of space, but I would have to redecorate each one. The grounds are over 16 and a half acres large with a solid vegetable garden, fruit trees and a river that runs along it’s border. Upon entering the chateau there is a smell in the air, that when you close your eyes, you can imagine walking the great halls in the 19th century. A house like this was once a beautiful showpiece, and I would love to help restore the grandeur to this beautiful house. It’s only a 10 minute drive to the town of Flers, where one can catch a 2 hour train ride to Paris.

The next house is based in the champagne region, just outside of the town of Langers. This beautiful country town also has a train station that can get to Paris in 2 hours and 45 minutes. With 7 bedrooms, the house does not require any renovation, just some updating in the rooms. The land is quite beautiful in this area, rolling hills covered in beautiful green trees. I would love to wake up everyday and walk down my front path, drinking my tea, and enjoying the peaceful countryside.  I would have to put in a swimming pool so that I could turn the place in to a proper gay bed & breakfast. The real question is, will anyone want to stay here?

The next property is a 2 bedroom apartment located in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. Although it is located in a nice neighborhood, it is on the 4th floor of a 6 floor building.  While I was looking at the apartment, I heard people running, stomping and walking overhead. The real estate agent kept texting on his phone while I was looking at the apartment, which did not lead me to want to pay this person a commission. I wish I could have left a note for the owner to sack this person and just sell the apartment themself. The small balcony is a nice touch, I do love leaving windows open for fresh air so that would be nice.

This journey takes me down to the south of France, to the lovely town of Avignon. A 7 bedroom house with a swimming pool, what’s not to love. Aside from the Spanish influence, that is. I don’t care for the Spanish influence, the tiles aren’t as spectacular as the Italian style. The pool is beautiful, and an automatic selling and renting point. The bedrooms are nice enough, abd the bathrooms were decent. The sitting rooms however are oddly placed and poorly designed I’m afraid. Lucky for me, after viewing the house, I was able to go down further and view the sea for a day. It was beautiful, even on a chilly day, it felt great to be at the seaside.

Looking at so many different properties, it can start to wear one out. I have really enjoyed travelling around so much, and seeing so many beautiful places. For each property I view, my mind starts racing picturing how it could influence my future. A proper and prosperous business, a place for my family…overall happiness.  Happiness is really all I am searching for, and I hope to find it. I have just over 1 week left in Paris before returning to the states for the holidays. If I do not find a place before I go, I will have to take the time back in the states to do more research. These last two months have been exhilarating and rewarding. I have really enjoyed my time in France and specifically Paris. If I do not find a place this time, I know I will find one soon,  so there is no cause for disappointment.

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