French House Hunting 03

Today marks my 14th day in Paris. I have been back for 2 full weeks and life feels so much better. I don’t feel stressed, tired, worn out…I feel as if I could run around the world. I have been walking 30,000 (or more) steps every day since I have been back. In Paris, you can walk miles and not even realize it, because you are surrounded by stunning and beautiful architecture. I had to stop and think how this feeling compares to a vacation feeling. With a vacation, there is always the dreaded thought that you must return to work sooner or later, and that a mountain of paperwork will be sitting on your desk. This isn’t that feeling. I’m so excited about buying a place here and becoming my own boss, it’s not very Parisian to smile, but I can’t wait beaming from ear to ear.

This morning I woke up at 6AM and started walking towards the 12th arrondissement. I love how dark it is in Paris in the morning, the day hasn’t begun for most of its residents yet, and I feel that I own the streets. My destination this morning is the Coulée verte René-Dumont. It is an elevated park/walkway that was built on top of an old, out of use railway. This park was the inspiration for The High Line in New York City, and it was beautiful. Such a gorgeous stroll surrounded by trees, bamboo, flowers, early morning joggers, older couples leisurely strolling. It was a perfect way to start the day.

Once done with the park, I started walking towards the 2nd arrondissement where I was to meet a realtor at 2PM.  It was only lunch time now, so I stopped at a sidewalk bistrot and had a croque madame for lunch.  Paired with an iced tea, it was a superb lunch.

After lunch I walked through the Passage des Panoramas, the oldest covered walkway in Paris. This was fun for me because I got to browse through the multiple bookstores. One small shop was selling old photos of Paris, and I had to stop and remind myself that until I get the place, I cannot start decorating it. Oh, so rough, but atleast now I know of a few shops I need to come back to.

Finally, I met the real estate agent and we went to the apartment. An easy task as it is located above the walkway. When the shops close, I can only use a special keycode to access the area to get to my apartment. That’s kind of cool. Not so easy however were the 10 flights of stairs we had to take to get to the top floor. Ok, I’m exaggerating, it was only 5 but it felt like a lot more. When he opens the door he let’s me walk in first. That’s because the place is so small it wouldn’t fit both of us in it at once. Again, I exaggerate, but not by much.  Pro: it has its own bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. Con: everything else. There is no way this place could ever turn a profit. So, although it is a beautiful apartment with a private bath, it is not large enough to make an income off of. Never fear, there are plenty more properties to see and discover.

After I parted ways with the realtor, I decided to head towards the Arc de triomphe. The view from the top is outstanding, as you will see in my photos below. I didn’t have the patience wait around until sunset, but the next time you’re in Paris, go at sunset. I love my life so much.

Vers l’avant! ❤🇫🇷

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