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So, let me catch you up, if you haven’t been able to stay up to date with my blogs. I am still looking for a profitable house/apartment in France, along with applying to universities to get my Law Degree and become a Lawyer. I want to become a lawyer because I want to make serious change around the world and continue to stand up and fight for those who no longer have the strength to do so. I have been looking at universities in the USA, but who wants to waste so much money on an education that isn’t worth it. So I have decided to apply to universities in France.

Some interesting facts, that you might not know about: Many universities in France, Germany, Austria, Norway, most of Europe actually have a very low tuition, I am speaking around one hundred euros for an entire year’s tuition. No, England is not one of them. I wish I had known about this when I was in high school, so that I could have better planned out my educational choices. Granted, a lot of the universities will require you to know the language of the country, a few of them do have English taught programs. Also, a bachelor degree in France is known as a Licence and Licence Professionnelle, and it can be obtained in only three years. Why does the American education system fail the students so easily? These are just a few of the reasons why I will be applying to Law School in France.

My father has always loved the idea of living in a college town. I think he imagines the beauty of a New England small university town where there are a good amount of people, but you will still run in to people you know. I see the appeal. Also, university towns guarantee a rotation of students who will need housing, and can be profitable when renting property out. So I have taken my search to a few of the cities around France where there is a university to which I have applied.

Reims is a city about 80 miles east of Paris, and has a few universities in the area. Although it is not a huge city, it has an amazing market, wonderful history and tourist a plenty. 

The first apartment on my list is a two bedroom, one bath, located in an elevator’d building with a balcony. The price is suspiciously low at only 55,000 EUR. There is another apartment in this building for sale that is also a 2 bed, 1 bath at only 50,000 EUR, but doesn’t have as many photos as this unit. Oh p.s. the kitchen will need to be completely renovated, what is with pistachio green?

Next up is a 6 bedroom, 2 shower and 3 toilet home. The home has a nice sized kitchen, and all of the bedrooms are a decent size. This would be a great place to rent out to college students for an inexpensive price, yet still profitable. The house cost 140,000 EUR, but would need some updates and renovations.

010101 010102 010103 010104 010105

Moving northward, Lille has quite a few universities and is an amazing city. I love the beauty that Lille has to offer and with easy access to Belgium and direct trains to Paris in 1 hour for only 10 euros, an ideal location.

The first apartment is a 3 bedroom for 96,500 EUR, and only a 3 minute walk to the subway. It is currently rented, bringing in 1,000 EUR per month. The place is a great location and with ease to subway, can be very financially beneficial.

020201 020205 020202 020203 020204 020206

The next apartment is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath for 119,500 EUR. This place is in a good location and looks well-kept, but the bathroom does look small and only has a shower. I will have to put in a tub, because after a stressful day, a few bottles of wine and a bathtub are the only thing to make you right again.

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Obviously, I need to wait until I am officially accepted to a university before I put too much effort in to a search for a place to live. I would hate to buy a place near Marseilles and end up at a university in Brittany. Most of the schools deadlines are around the beginning of May, so just a few more months. I am scared that I wont be accepted to any of the universities I have applied to. I hate feeling nervous, but lucky for me, I can spend the time drinking until I hear for sure. I hope that with the student visa, I will be able to work part-time at a law office and get a more hands-on approach.

Until next time dear friends, Au revoir.

carte-franceFacade of Sorbonne in Paris

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