French House Hunting 08

The never-ending quest continues. As I struggle to search, seeking out that impossible Perfect Place, I begin to believe it simply does not exist yet and I should just buy a few hectares of land and build it myself. Anyway see the most recent beauties below:

Renovated French Chateau with lake in Brittany. This place looks amazing, it has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a wine cellar, almost 5 acres of land and a private lake. The place was recently renovated, and although the current decoration leaves a lot to the imagination, I think I could really make this place perfect. I don’t know how many little girls live in the place right now, but the color palette in the bedrooms looks like Hello Kitty threw up everywhere. It’s only 30 minutes from Rennes, 40 minutes to Mont Saint Michel and 2 hours to Paris by train. The price of this place is 546,000 EUR which translates to roughly 634,000 USD. Granted it is a lot of money, but it’s such a beautiful property. I think if I sell tickets for an elaborate circuit party once a season and make it clothing optional, I can make enough money for the year to keep me living comfortably. I could wipe Fire Island off the map. But if that doesn’t work, I need to go ahead and marry that rich doctor that I’ve been dreaming of. See the photos of the Chateau below:

I simply can’t get this property out of my head. With the right design, this place could be my true dream home. The bathroom would need to be completely renovated with a large 15 person glass shower and a 3 person claw foot bathtub. All of the rooms that have previous had children décor would need to be redone and all of the floors in the place would need to be matching parquet, aside from the stone in the kitchen. So, here’s hoping I meet my dream sugar daddy, or that I win the lottery.

Next up is a beautiful 6 bedroom property in Limousin that has been completely renovated. As you can see from the photos below, this property is gorgeous. The price is 290,800 EUR or 358,000 USD. It is located about 30 minutes north of Limoges, so it could be a 3-4 hour trip to Paris.


The last property today is a 13 bedroom country home, just a ten minute walk to the center of town. The property is on the edge of a national forest with a man-made lake and is only and hour and a half from the coast. The property is about 2 and a half hours drive to Paris, or the closest train station is about 35km away. The property has a lot of charm and plenty of bedrooms, unfortunately, it only has 2 bathrooms. That could be a big problem with a house full of guest. I will have to see this one in person to see if it strikes my fancy.

I think property number one is still at the top of my list. Who knows what else I will discover along the way though. I love the renovated work on property number two and the old world charm of the third property. Decisions, Decisions.

Au revoir pour le moment!

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