Maison de Kevin

On the right bank of Paris, in the second arrondissement, proudly stands a building on the rue Étienne Marcel. The windows overlook the busy streets and the neighborhood shops. Easy walking distance to the Louvre, the Palais Royale and the Marais. Here I found an apartment for sale. It is a 2 bedroom, one bath with a kitchen and dinning room. The Apartment is currently rented to a nice couple who have a lease through 2021. They have already lived in this apartment for 2 years and have taken exceptional care of it. This is the apartment that I have purchased and will turn in to my retirement plan, or if Donald Trump does become a dictator, my refuge. Although I wont be able to stay in the apartment for another 3 years, I feel very satisfied with it. Not to mention that the rent the current couple is paying will completely cover the mortgage cost. With a second bedroom, that also means I will be able to have guest stay with me when they visit.


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