Learning Hangul

As I am preparing for my upcoming trip to South Korea, I am trying to learn as much Hangul as I can before I go. I have found a few websites that are very helpful for an American learning an Asian language. Tone is the key to learning an Asian language, or so I have been told. Basically, for me to learn, I just have to listen and mimic what I hear. The process of learning just the basics of Hangul is an experience all in itself. After my first few weeks of learning, I am happy to confess that I have learned a few words and phrases already, and as long as I continually practice them, I should be able to keep it up.

안녕, 제 이름은 케빈이에요. 나는 서울을 방문하고 일주일 후 부산으로 여행 할 것입니다. 좋은 식당을 추천 해 줄 수 있어요? 내가 먹고 나면 게이 바에서 한 잔하러 갈거야. 도와 줘서 고마워. 안녕

1. 안녕하세요 – Hello/Goodbye
2. 반갑습니다 – Nice to meet you
3. 감사합니다 – Thank you
4. 잠시만요 – Excuse me/just a moment
5. 죄송합니다/미안합니다 – I’m sorry
6. 주세요 – Please (Please give)
7. 이것 – This one/This thing
8. 어디예요 – Where is the (something)
9. 빼주세요 – Remove/Leave out
10. 맥주/소주 – Beer/Soju
11. 오른/왼/직진 – Right/Left/Straight
12. 얼마예요 – How much is it?
13. 깎아주세요 – Give me a discount
14. 있어요 – Is there a/Do you have
15. 한국말 잘 못해요 – I can’t speak Korean well

I still have a few thousand words to learn to just get by, but I am very excited and really looking forward to it.

🖤 케빈


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