Place des Vosges

Paris has so much hidden beauty, and if you have already been to all of the tourist hot spots, you’ll want to fine a place full of charm, character and Parisian beauty, without all of the souvenir sellers. Please let me suggest you go to Place des Vosges. It is the oldest planned square in Paris, and it lies on the border of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. During the 17th and 18th centuries it became the most fashionable and expensive places to live, giving rise to the allure of the Marais for nobility living in Paris. This square has a lot of charm, from the cafes and shops, to the art galleries and Maison de Victor Hugo. The park itself is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon reading a book and enjoying a picnic. Just off of the square is a hidden gem, the Jardin de l’Hotel de Sully. I highly recommend while in Paris to take a stroll to the Place des Vosges and spend an afternoon relaxing and soaking in the history and beauty.

Place des Vosges:

Maison de Victor Hugo:

Jardin de l’Hotel de Sully:

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