My own Farewell

I finally watched the film, The Farewell. It was an incredible movie that tugs at the heart strings and also makes you laugh. Spoiler alerts ahead, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it first, I’ll wait… 

The Farewell is about an elderly grandmother who lives in China and is dying from cancer. She doesn’t know she has cancer though, and her family do not intend to tell her. Her entire family travels from around the world back to China under the guise of a cousin’s wedding, but in reality to spend a final moment with her. Awkwafina and her parents travel from NYC back to China. Awkwafina wants to tell her grandmother because she loves her so much and thinks she would want to know. Eventually her father starts to agree, but in the end they never tell her. Luckily at the end of the film it states that six years after the diagnosis the grandmother is still alive and well. Really, if you haven’t seen the movie, GO SEE IT!   

This movie made me question if I had something like cancer that was slowly killing me, but wasn’t too obvious, would I prefer to know or be left out of it. In all reality, I’m never going to die (Aside from that one time where I did die, but came back to life). I’ve got my Picture of Dorian Gray artist standing by, a private detective searching for Lisle von Rhoman from Death Becomes Her, rare books of Nicolas Flamel & Cagliostro and an expedition planned to discover the fountain of youth. I have already evaded death, thanks to Doctors Banting and Best, so all of the time I have been alive these last twenty five years has been borrowed.

If something unfortunate should happen, then yes I want to know. I have been making the absolute most out of my life ever since I was a child, and if I have to accept that my time is limited, I want to make sure to make the very most out of my last breaths. [In all reality, I probably staged my death to avoid others who want to know my immortality secret(s)]. So, to reiterate, please tell me!

When I am gone, I want my body (or my body double) to be cremated. My husband and children can do whatever they wish with the ashes. I’ve always thought I would make a stunning diamond, after all I am a gem. I do request, however that some of my ashes be spread at the following places around Paris. The Jardin du Luxemburg, the Champ de Mars, the Jardin des Tuileries, Place des Vosges, the Pere Lachaise cemetery, sprinkled along the Seine, and if you can sneak me in, The Pantheon. These are some of my favorite spots in Paris and being there for eternity would make me very satisfied. If I am lucky enough to get to see my friends and family, thank them for the years of support, love and encouragement, I will be eternally grateful.


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