Cynthia Nothing

Over the last few months I have been getting more worried and irritated over the Democratic candidates of New York’s gubernatorial race.  Andrew Cuomo is a strong democratic leader who doesn’t just work for the party, but for the people of New York State. Under his leadership incredible programs to help immigrants, women, veterans, homeless and other groups have gone a long way to ensuring New York is a state welcome and nurturing to all. I am not saying he is the best person to ever live in the entire universe, but as far as a governor in the year 2018, he is working hard to move the State forward while combating the Orange Fat Ass-in-chief.

Then, Actress Cynthia Nixon decides that she can ride the “liberal wave” and try to manipulate voters to vote her in to office and Cuomo out. This is where the irritation and anger come in to play. I am incredibly happy that smart, strong, competent and capable women, transgender and people of color are winning votes, that’s what the world needs. Cynthia Nixon however, is an unqualified bisexual.

1. Cynthia Nixon is just an actress. That’s it. Anytime her name was mentioned in the news it always had “and Activist” listed, and that is a lie. Marching in a few Gay Pride Parades does not make you and activist. An activist is someone who puts the cause before themselves. An activist goes door to door collecting signatures and donations for a cause. An activist goes to their state capitol and lobbies for rights, even when politicians don’t want to meet them. An activist volunteers their time and resources helping a greater cause. An activist works a 40 hour work week and then spends an additional 24-48 hours protesting for change. I can say all of this because I have lived it. I did not do all of this work fighting for gay rights for myself, I have always been secure with myself. I did it for those who weren’t strong enough to do it for themselves. As a gay boy growing up in Texas, that was about as much as I could do. oh, and I have marched and organized over 12 separate Gay Pride Parades in 4 Major U.S. Cities. So, if that is all that is required to be the next governor for the State of New York, I should obviously be President? For all of the activist who live, breathe and fight daily for their rights and the rights of others, we all deserve an apology from Cynthia Nixon for claiming to be an “Activist.”

2. The MTA. This was her major and probably only platform. She said multiple times “I will tax the rich to fix the subway” and then use the hashtag “#cuomosmta”……. Where do I start. Why the hell is it the responsibility of the rich to fix the subway. More than likely they aren’t even using it. I seriously doubt she uses it, aside from a few photo ops. “Taxing the rich” is a cheap statement used by politicians who count on individual’s hatred of the super-wealthy to overlook reason and logic. Similar to the slimebag mayor Bill De Blasio saying he was going to “Tax the rich to pay for pre-K for kids in NYC.” Unless the rich are the ones parenting the children, why should they have to pay for their pre-K schooling? The Governor of a state has a lot of tasks, jobs and obligations to tend to regularly. As a citizen of the state, I certainly hope that the Governor is focused on much larger issues than if my train is going to be five minutes late. Don’t get me wrong, the MTA is horrible and it can mess up your entire day before you even get to work, but does that need to be the top priority for the Governor? The answer is No. I know that a lot of New York City residents believe that the world revolves around them, but trust me, it doesn’t. The Governor of a state has to run the entire state, not just one city. I understand the American education system is a total waste, but if the younger generations are really this selfish and narrow-minded, parents need to do a better job of helping them learn how the world works.

3. Experience. She has none. She has never run for public office, never worked for an actual job that deals with issues or public needs. As impressive as it is to play a lawyer is a tv show, it does not qualify you, in any way, to run for office. I understand how the current asshole-in-chief might confuse other celebrities in to becoming politicians. Understand this, the public barely tolerates celebrities who express their political opinions. Sure, if you’re saying something we care about, we won’t turn the channel, but your opinion does not equate experience. Unless you have volunteered, worked and been fully engaged in a political arena(and a Twitter fight does not count!) Stay off of the ballot. Democrats don’t need a Tea Party-esque division between a moderate who is working for the greater good and a far left nut job who will get nothing accomplished.

4. Back to Bill De Blasio for a minute. He’s obviously a disgusting human being. When he was running for NYC Mayor in 2013 the ads on TV were of his two kids. One had his underage son talking about how great he would be, and the other had his daughter. His children are half black. It was obvious why he chose them to be the face of the campaign. He used his children’s skin color as a chess piece so that he could win the primary and beat Christine Quinn. Quinn, who actually had experience and would have been the best and smartest choice, sadly lost. Cynthia Nixon spoke out against Quinn and threw her support to De Blasio saying that aside from passing gay marriage, they don’t really share similar values. It could be because Quinn has a history and experience working in government and fighting for causes she cares about. Lucky for Cynthia, her wife got a job working for De Blasio. Just like Bastard Bill, Cynthia used her child being transgender as a selling point for more votes.

Lucky for the state of New York, voters realized she would be a horrible choice and Cuomo won by a landslide. I am not against progressive candidates, but I am going to demand the same from them as any politician: a brain, experience, and a plan. Just because you have been on tv or in a movie does not mean you should be taken seriously for your views. Bring me a good idea on how to fix a problem, show me you have experience working in the system and make me believe you care about something bigger than you. As americans we must stop settling for less. Lately that is all we are getting and we should demand better. Thanks for letting me vent.



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