Something’s Gotta Give

One of my all time favorite films is the 2003 romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give. This film has it all: Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand & Amanda Peet lead the cast. About a successful New York City playwright (Keaton) and a big time music mogul (Nicholson) who overcome many barriers to becoming friends and lovers. The movie even has the couple traveling to Paris and eating dinner at my favorite Parisian restaurant, Le Grand Colbert. The movie has a great cast, a pretty good script and a fun story, but one of the major highlights the Hampton’s beach house where most of the story takes place. This house is gorgeous from the inside out, very tastefully decorated and has private access to the beach. The amount of natural light in this house cannot possibly be real. Although there are so many large windows and French doors, I can force myself to believe the light is not supplied by the movie studio. I really want this house.

Let’s begin the tour in the gorgeous and spacious kitchen. I love a huge kitchen where I have space to cook 10 meals at the same time while baking cookies and cakes too. The white cabinets with dark counter tops give the room a very clean and elegant look. The cabinets with glass add to the luxury of this beautiful kitchen.

Moving from the kitchen to the dinning room, we find ourselves staring at a beautiful large round table in the middle of the room. The walls have built in shelving perfect for displaying those dishes that people feel the need to display. Never really a talking point or a focal point, they blend in with the walls and are never really questioned. But the overall beauty of this house allows their existence to go unchallenged.

Now that our appetites have been satisfied with food, lets make our way to the living room. This gorgeous room will surely take your breath away. The wall of windows made up of French doors leading out to the pool, and offering a gorgeous view of the beach and ocean is perfection. I know very little to nothing about interior design and decoration, but I do love this room. The furniture is comfortable, but not lazy, stylish but not too posh and it screams, in understated ways that it was meant for a beach house. But why should I go on, when you can view the gorgeous photos below.

Now it’s time we make our way to the bedrooms. Don’t get funny. The master bedroom is quite magnificent: it’s so large that there is the bed area, a table and sitting area near the fireplace and in the alcove built in bookshelves and a desk for writing (not to mention the windows to gaze out over the ocean when suffering from writer’s block). The room also has direct access to the pool.

I know, I know…there is no way this magical and fantastic place could get any better. Ha, sucker. I haven’t even shown you the photos of the million dollar exterior shots. When I say million dollar, it’s actually worth quite a lot more.

As previously mentioned, this stunning house exist out in the Hamptons. The physical address is  576 Meadow Lane, Southampton. When I was looking in to this house in the past I read that it sold for a few million to a hotel magnet who intended to tear down this piece of art work and build two houses on its grave. Google Earth still shows the house standing, so I can only hope the hotel magnet fool realized what a tragic mistake that would be.
In all reality, you must watch the movie to truly admire the beauty that was put in to the set design. I know that the interior of the actual house looks nothing like what was shown in the film, but when I win that lottery jackpot, I am going to build one in the heart of Fire Island Pines.

P.S. I forgot to mention the amount of sexiness in this film.
1. Keanu Reeves playing a doctor, yum.
2. Amanda Peet strips in the front yard
3. Diane Keaton bares it all, no, I’m serious
4. Jack Nicholson’s gratuitous butt shot while high in the hospital. 
Now you’re hooked. Enjoy the film. 🙂



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