Dream Parisian Homes

No matter what, I am always on the hunt for good properties in France and in Paris specifically. My Husband, Jun, has started looking with me and we have really taken our obsessive behavior to the next level. We originally set the maximum price at something sensible and within our reach. However, after seeing a few properties from the sponsored section, we have lost all self-discipline. Now, the budget is left from “anything to anything,” meaning most 1 bedroom apartments we see are listed well above 1 million euros. This leads us to the title of this blog post, Dream Parisian Homes, as we would need to win the lottery, or have every long lost rich relative die and leave us everything in their will to afford such places. The beauty, location and essential Parisian feeling one gets from these properties though is really quite special. So please take a trip with me through the rabbit hole, and be a witness to some of my dreams firsthand.

The fantasy begins with a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom and 2 living room third floor apartment in the Marais. This apartment is incredibly gorgeous and overlooks the Seine. The total cost for this fine piece of luxury living is only €4,250,000.00.



Next on the list is a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom and 3 living room 2nd floor apartment located in the enticing 7th arrondissement in Paris. Easy walking distance to the Musee Rodin, les invalides and the tour Eiffel. The cost is €3,550,000.00, but I’m gonna need that to come down as the kitchen is much too small for my liking.



The next lovely apartment is a three bedroom located in Paris’ 2 arrondissement. The living room is the selling point for this beauty with the large three windows exposing plenty of light. Or if your like me, a fabulous way to sit and enjoy the rain. Priced at €1,795,000.00, it will require some work.



Back in the 7th arrondissement, a modest three bedroom apartment that must require work because of the lack of images. The photos that can be seen are charming however and boast the incredible view from the window does of the Tour Eiffel and the Dome des Invalides. With an asking price of €2,049,000.00, I’m gonna need a little more details to see if I like it or not.



30 kilometers northwest of Paris is a 17th century Chateau. It does require renovations, unfortunately the details about how much are very vague. The asking price of €12,000,000.00 sounds like a bargain considering the 56 hectares of land, numerous outbuildings and relative closeness to Paris.



Next we move back to Paris’ 8th arrondissement, to a townhouse with 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms spread across 4 floors. At €8,400,000.00 the charming characteristics of this place are quite a steal. The modern touches do not appeal to me at all, but they can be corrected. I will absolutely keep the media room, but would make it more comfortable and in line with the house style.



Although my lifestyle is accustomed to the finer things in life, my bank account is trying to catch up. Hopefully one day soon, Jun and I can welcome you to visit our dream home in Paris. 

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