No More Wire Hangers!

In college, my professor for my Zeitgeist History class was an incredibly knowledgeable and intellectual woman. She was funny, educated and an inspirational person who kept the class motivated and entertained. Style and elegance were personified by this woman with her pixy cut and thick framed glasses recalling the chicness from the 1960’s. Along with her stylish ensembles she always wore a necklace that was understated, but she wore the same one everyday. 

One day after class let out, I approached her to inquire about the necklace. The necklace itself was rather simple, just a chain with a wire clothes hanger charm hanging from it. As a highly fashionable person teaching a Zeitgeist class, I assumed the necklace had a romantic story associated with it. Perhaps this was a gift from a friend or lover, or maybe she was a Mommie Dearest sympathizer who wore a wire hanger to terrify insubordinates. Perhaps the irony that clothes have been worn for many years but the tool used to hang them was only created in the early 1900’s. Either way, I was intrigued and desired to know more. My classmate and friend, Rachel, was curious about the necklace too, so once we were alone in the class with her, we began our inquiry. 

We asked if the necklace was a gift or an impulse buy. Did it represent her style or higher fashion calling? Was it a good luck charm? She smiled at us both with our excited inquiry, but remaining perfectly silent. She reached for the charm with her left hand, and gently caressed it between her thumb and fingers. She finally spoke. “In 1973, a decision was made that took over two years in court. This decision became the law and was meant to protect women’s health. This was the year of the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, Roe vs Wade.” Rachel and I both entranced with her story telling abilities were hanging on every word, but both of us were confused about what this had to do with her necklace. She continued. “Before this time, abortions were performed illegally across the country and in many cases at home. Different state laws had drastically different ideas about abortions, most of which preferred the woman to die from complications than have an abortion. This clothes hanger,” she said still holding between her fingers and raising it for all three of us to gaze upon, “represents the measures that were taken by some to have an abortion. It represents the struggle, the inequity, the male-dominated, uneducated,  religious fools that some women had to suffer. This clothes hanger has absolutely nothing at all to do with fashion. It is a symbol of oppression and reminds me to never take anything for granted.” Rachel and I were gobsmacked. We had no idea that this incredible woman could be any more interesting, but there it was. Unfortunately, Roe V Wade has been an uphill battle ever since and still does not protect woman the way it should. 

I am very sorry to see how the United States of Ignorance continues to allow rich white uneducated men, and those religious idiots to harm the public in such bold ways. I have no interest at all in your personal feelings. There is no God, so your religion is just making money on your stupidity. Science is the only real answer to many questions.

If any of those people who object to abortions actually cared: 1. They wouldn’t allow children to be locked in cages at the borders. 2. They would make sure kids had good education and meals everyday. 3. They would prevent the NRA from profiting off of mass shootings at schools. 4. They would prevent men from masturbating, “because every life matters.” In reality, the only reason people oppose abortions is because they want control. They do not care how many people suffer, or even die, they just want to have control and profit from it. The world is in a scary and dangerous time. Keep fighting for the future we hope to see. 

I Stand with Planned Parenthood!


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