Bow Tie Organization

Over the last few years my bow tie collection has grown substantially larger. I have attempted many ways to store my bowties in pleasing ways with easy access. Sadly, none of those ways have evolved along with my bow tie collection. I have done a bit of research looking into ways to properly store and care for my bow ties. Until I win the lottery and have a spare room as a closet, I am running low on options. I must admit that I am worried when I do finally decide to donate my bow tie collection to the Smithsonian Institute, and they discover the poor way they were stored in luggage in my closet with monthly rotations, they will not be impressed.  A few options I have considered have been a wall covered with bars when I can hang and organize each tie by shape, color, material and season…but again, I will need a full wall to dedicate to this. Trying to keep it simple, I’ve researched they ways that Bow Tie sellers display their wares in their shops, but am never impressed with having 5-10 bowties in a glass cabinet laying beside each other. Rotating tie racks are cute, but do not hold more than 20, and considering that I have over 800 bow ties, I’ll only need about 40 of them. As you can see, I’m in trouble. I need a way to properly store my bowties, with the ability to pick and choose which ones to wear. It should not take up more space than a 5′ by 10′ closet, and ideally, should be inexpensive and stylish. If you have any ideas on how to solve my troubles, please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. They are greatly appreciated.


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