Surprise Gift

The other morning I was sitting at my desk getting the day started. I always arrive early for work, and I was a good hour early this specific morning. As there is usually no one else but me that early, I hear the heavy doors as they creak open and will pop my head out of my office just to insure it’s a friend and not a foe. A woman walked over to me, wearing her coat and carrying a bag under her arm. She was obviously just arriving for the day, but she doesn’t work on my floor. I have seen her a few times over the course of the last year, but in a building with over 500 employees, its difficult to know people outside of ones own team. I felt like she was someone I could get to know and even become friendly with. She is about six feet tall, heavier set with a haircut shorter than my own. I don’t like to be thought of as someone who stereotypes, but if LesbianDar (bad word play on GayDar) was a thing, all bells and whistles would be going strong.

She approaches my office and I smile as I tend to do and say “Good morning!” I assumed she might have been lost and/or was looking for someone specific. To my surprise I was who she was seeking. She pulled out of her bag a small plastic wrapped rectangular shaped item. She told me that her friend gave her a gift of a bow tie, but it was one that had to be tied. She then informed me that she can only wear the pre-tied bow ties. She wanted to give me this bow tie because she has seen me wearing bow ties and likes how stylish I am.

Oh my gosh. I was not expecting such an awesome way to start my Wednesday morning. I was gobsmacked by this simple yet sincere act of kindness and generosity. I thanked her profusely, and then we actually introduced ourselves to one another. The mood stayed with me all day, and as soon as I got home I was on a mission.  I have been given gifts over the years of pre-tied bow ties. I really appreciate the kind gesture, but I can’t wear a pre-tied bow tie. I found the bag hidden in the bottom of my closet that contained those ties and after sorting through them all, I found a beautiful designer, black silk, pre-tied bow tie. I wrote a thank you note and wrapped the tie up and arrived to work extra early the following morning to leave them on her desk. 

Making a new friend is always an invaluable treat, when it’s a total surprise however, it makes it all the better.


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