The Summer of 2019 has been an eventful few months. Usually I’ll spend my enjoyable free time lounging around the beaches, bars and boys of Fire Island, but this summer I wanted to try something new. It all started off with an incredible birthday weekend in Las Vegas. Then I was given two amazing trips to Provincetown or P-Town Massachusetts. The gay beach getaway of New England is a fun artistic beach town that feels like the offspring of Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove. During the day it’s covered with families, gay and straight, wandering from art galleries, boutiques, whale watching tours and an abundance of fine dinning. At night, the bars are as crowded as can be with boys wearing next to nothing, the only thing to bring down their spirit is the bars closing at 1AM. Luckily for them, the popular hangout after a night of alcohol, dancing, music and drugs is the Pizza Place, Spiritus. Grab a few slices, chat with friends and find that guy you’ve been waiting to take back to your beach or the popular “Dick Dock.”
The first journey out I got to take the Fast Ferry, which is really just a marketing ploy because there is no slow ferry. The breeze through my hair felt amazing, but no matter how much product was in my hair it was non existent by the time we docked at the pier. I did wear my fabulous floppy hat, but after almost losing it, I clutched it close to me the rest of the trip. This was for Bear week, and my friend Tammy and I had a fabulous time. Bears are always a friendlier sub group of the gay community, so we had a good time. She dressed up as Goldilocks and I must say how sad I was that only two guys understood and enjoyed the reference. I myself was wearing a fun romper.

For the second adventure we went out for Carnival and this years theme was Enchanted Forest. What a fabulous theme! The best part about this was that I got to be in the parade and it was so much fun being stopped to take photos with random strangers, especially when those strangers were gorgeous half naked men. I was tempted to break out the horns I wore to the Pines Party a few years back, but I’m never one to repeat an outfit, so I went out and created something new.


The ferry ride back to Boston after this exciting weekend was great because I was going with Emily and Amanda, and as we shipped champagne from the top deck we gazed at the gorgeous stars overhead.

On to the next adventure now.


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