Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Starting in 1985, Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established October 1st through October 31st. The main purpose of designating a month for Breast Cancer Awareness is to encourage and promote mammography. This was due to the shame that many women had felt of having breast cancer. Breast Cancer is not something to be ashamed of, it should be brought front and center so that scientists and doctors can find a cure. It needs to be known so that other women who are silently suffering can get the emotional and mental support they deserve. Over the years many organizations and governments have demonstrated support of the month by illuminating landmark buildings in pink.

As someone who has suffered the devastating loss of my mother to breast cancer, I make it my mission every October to bring Breast Cancer Awareness forward and open up conversations about it. I have a number of Pink Bow ties, including one black bow tie with pink ribbons on it, and I wear these every day of the month to spark conversations with strangers. There are a number of incredible organizations in the world that are geared toward women’s health and some specifically Breast Cancer. I have participated in more Breast Cancer Awareness walks & runs than I can count. I highly encourage and challenge everyone who reads this blog to make it their mission for the month of October to encourage every woman in your life to take care of their health. If you are a generous person, maybe donate some funds to an organization you believe in.

Sadly there is no cure for Breast Cancer, yet, but I am hopeful. There are a numbers of intelligent and amazing scientist across the world who are working non-stop to getting closer to a cure. I hope that I will see that day, it will fill my heart with so much happiness knowing that no family will have to suffer the loss that my family has. 

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