Costumes of Halloweens Past

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Getting to dress up and play a character is always a delight, probably why I liked theater in high school. Below are some photos of a few of my Halloween costumes from the past few years.

I’ve been a Gypsy, a Gargoyle, Napoleon Bonaparte, a Fairy, Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell), a Stigmata Nun, Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus, a Vampire, Cyndi Lauper, a Catholic Priest, a Minotaur, the Hulk, a Monkey, a 1960’s Rocker, Falstaff, an AIDS Ribbon, a Penis, a Condom, a Penis wearing a condom, the Mad Hatter, roadkill, a male Cruella de Vil, Medusa, a Time Traveler, a Pharaoh, a Church-Goer, a Stripper, Marie Antoinette and more.

I love seeing the creativity that this holiday inspires. I hope that everyone has a fabulous and Happy Halloween!

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