Joyeuses fêtes

This holiday season we went down to Texas to visit my family. Jun and I spent 7 days in Round Rock, Hutto and Austin Texas. We stayed at my brother and his husband’s estate, my sister and her husband from Colorado came as well, along with my other sister and my dad.

We had a wonderful time catching up with each other, we lounged by the pool, played games in the media room, had a huge family dinner and opened up stockings. My father had his old house taken away and he drove us out to see where the house used to stand and he walked us through the floorplan of his new business idea. We then went to downtown Hutto, sad as it is, we all had a good time taking photos on top of the Hippo.

We all had an amazing time, filled with laughter and lots of good food. I hope everyone had as an enjoyable time as well. 



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