Ice Hotel

In Jukkasjärvi Sweden each year, something magnificent happens. A hotel is constructed of ice and snow. The pristine, crystal clear ice is taken from the nearby river Torne annually and that’s when the fun begins.

Beginning in 1990 guest were welcomed to stay at an igloo art exhibit. That has been evolving and growing ever since. The hotel is open from December through April each year, and when the season is over, it all simply melts back into the earth. Artist from around the world apply for the chance to design a room at the Ice Hotel. Each room is a unique work of art, and during the day the entirety of the Ice Hotel is a gallery. The hotel consist of over 50 bedrooms, an Ice Bar, a reception area, a main hall and a church. No plumbing exist inside the hotel, but guest have a warm building nearby for toiletries and the likes. At night guest will sleep in and on the artwork, with only sleeping bags and animal furs to keep them warm. The room temperature is an average of −5 °C or 23 °F.

The activities offered at the Ice Hotel are just as captivating as the hotel itself, with options such as a full Swedish Sauna experience, Ice Sculpting classes, snowmobile adventures, northern lights observing, skiing, sledding, sled dog tours, horseback riding and so much more.

I have longed to visit this amazingly unique place, and can only hope to convince my husband to join me in this exciting adventure. Please enjoy the photos below of this wondrous Ice Hotel. If you are ever in the mood to try this incredible experience, visit their website here: ICEHOTEL

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