Frozen Grapes

A delicious, refreshing, and low calorie snack, Frozen Grapes are a fabulous treat to have in your freezer. I have always been a fruit person, love almost all kinds, but grapes were never top of my list. The inconsistency of the crispness of the individual grapes along with their sweetness level variations never made them a must have snack for me.

Over the last few months I have been able to get pounds of them for an incredibly low price at the farmers market. Frozen Grapes are very easy to make because all you have to do is pick them off the vine, wash and put in a freezer container. I recommend going with seedless grapes, as you’ll have less chance of breaking a tooth when you enjoy them. Frozen Grapes can be a versatile food as well, they are good to use in fresh fruit smoothies and in cocktails as well to keep the drink cool without ice melting and watering down your drink.

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