Quarantine Birthday

Hello All, Today is my birthday!

This is a weird birthday for me because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the world is still shutdown and in quarantine. This means that my birthday will be spent solely in my apartment. I like my apartment, and its nice to travel from the bedroom through the living room, venture through the breezeway, explore the kitchen and maybe end the night gazing out the bathroom window, but I was supposed to be exploring South East Asia right now. I am not complaining, I am very lucky that I have my health and that all my friends and family are healthy too.

My birthday wish this year is that the pandemic ends quickly and no more people are infected and killed. This virus has caught the world unawares and has really shaken up “humanity.” I sincerely hope the entire world learns a lesson from this, and starts on a better path forward.

Wishing you all the very best.


p.s. if you have money and the heart & desire to donate to a good cause I highly recommend Type 1 Diabetes, Breast Cancer and St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Doing good is a great way to feel better.

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