Golden Girls Drink-A-Long

On Thursday 02 April 2020, at 9PM ET/ 8PM CT I invited friends and family to participate in a Golden Girls drinking game. The original invite is here:

Hello All,

This Thursday night 4/2/2020 at 9ET/8CT/7MT we all watch Season 6, Episode 11 of the Golden Girls titled Stand by Your Man.

These are the rules for the Golden Girls drinking game:

1. Drink anytime you laugh.
2. Drink everytime someone throws shade.
3. Finish your drink if you quote a line before it is said on screen. Then refill your glass and continue playing.
4. Anytime you quote another episode while watching this one, you must do a shot.

Make sure to have plenty of cheesecake too!

To commemorate the experience we each take a before and after photo to see who faired best.

Any questions?

Kind Regards,
Kevin Nicholas Gavit

Stand by Your Man was an excellent episode to drink with because there are few moments where you’re not laughing your ass off. I was incredibly lucky to share this night with friends around the world and my family. This quarantine business can make people go stir crazy, so I am glad that I could bring some laughter and drunken happiness to all.


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