Fête Nationale

The 14 of July is the French National holiday, also known as le 14 Juillet, or in english speaking countries Bastille Day. This holiday is the celebration of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. This is what is commonly known as the starting gun for the French Revolution. Although France was going through a difficult time, bringing down the monarchy (my ancestry), and finding a way to equal out the classes, the country still faced years of injustice and inequality. I still maintain that Marie Antoinette was not the worst human being that ever existed as some historians would have you believe.

The good news is that I am ready, willing and able to re-establish myself as the French King for life. Now get the tourist out of the Louvre and Versailles, I don’t want to catch anything from the lower classes (e.g. poverty, diseases, poor fashion choices).

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