Quarantine Movie Nights

When the dreaded COVID-19 began creeping around the world and forced everyone to quarantine, my family decided to turn Thursday nights in to a family movie night (and drink along) where we would video chat with each other before and after. The first episode was chosen by me, it was the Golden Girls episode titled Stand By Your Man. This episode is perfect because you can not go for 2 minutes without laughing your ass off. I started out with Cheesecake, cocktails and water(for some reason). We also decided to make the first night a drinking game with some silly rules about drinking whenever you laughed, needless to say, everyone was drunk quick. The rest of my family doesn’t love the Golden Girls as much as I do, so my suggestion of a different GG episode each week was turned down. So we decided to start switching family members each week to choose what we watch, either a tv show or movie, and comedy is the only requirement. We stopped the drinking game portion of it, but I keep it going strong, it helps me laugh. Below is the list of shows that we watched, and over time we have been dressing up(well mostly Kristina and I) in costume to reflect a theme or character for the show. I must admit that Kristina has raised the bar though as she sent everyone a gift box where we have to figure out what it is we will be watching with the items in the box.

Golden Girls: Stand by Your Man
The Office: Dinner Party
I Love Lucy: Lucy Does a TV Commercial
Cheers: Thanksgiving Orphans
Andy Griffith: Convicts at Large
Get Smart (Film)
Golden Girls: Blanche Delivers
Cheers: An Old-Fashioned Wedding
I Love Lucy: Job Switching
The Office: The Injury
Mary Tyler Moore: Chuckles Bites the Dust
The IT Crowd: Are we not men?
The Simpsons: Cape Feare
Kim’s Convenience: Date Night
The Simpsons: Who Shot Mr. Burns (Parts 1 & 2)
Absolutely Fabulous: Hospital
Roseanne: Stash from the Past
Golden Girls: The Case of the Libertine Belle
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Film)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Happy New Year
Noises Off (Film)
The Simpsons: We’re on the Road to D’ohwhere
Miranda: Before I Die

As you can see it is a mixture of weird taste provided by my wonderful family. Below are some of the photos we have taken while on chats with each other and of our fabulous costumes for the shows. I highly suggest anyone do this who needs a pick me up during these trying times. Please Stay Healthy Friends. 💙

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